Why Do Some People Hate America?

A friend of mine on Facebook, a good man as far as I have experienced, was expressing some disdain for the U.S.A. in a post. I commented on his post by saying, “Why all this hate for the USA?” He then responded to me with this question: “Why do you think people hate America? Do you think the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, & Amos hated Israel?”

My answer was too long for a Facebook Comment (apparently there is an 8,000 word limit). So I thought my response was important enough that I should just post it as an article here and just send my friend the link.

My hope is that people who read this will see an opportunity for us to put the differences of our skin colors aside for a while in order to work together as one united people to save our Government from the corrupt celebrity politicians who have been running it into the ground, Democrat and Republican, “Establishment” and new “Woke” politicians alike. They are all failing us and lowering themselves to new lows and instead of taking responsibility for their own actions like adults, they resort to blaming each others grotesque behaviors as a reason for their own depravity, like spoiled children.  

So here goes my answer to the question…

I love you brother and I pray for you and everyone in this, the greatest country that this broken world has today, even in so much as our BROKEN elected human officials are abusing the power given to all of them in pursuit of their own celebrity and self indulgence, and I mean almost every single one of them. But the USA is STILL the best out there that this broken world has to offer and I believe we should defend the country and help the people get back on the right path rather than condemn the country or the people.

No. I don’t think that the Prophets hated Israel at all. I think the Prophets loved Israel and were trying to save the people who had lost their way so that they could continue to live in the land that God provided for them.

I don’t think the Prophets wanted to leave Israel or were condemning Israel, I think they were warning the people and trying to get them to repent because the Prophets loved the people and cared for them so much that they risked the rocks hurled at them by the grown up “children” who rejected and hated them for telling them the truth that the broken people did not want to hear. The Prophets loved the people of Israel so that the land of Israel given to them by God would not be desecrated and ultimately destroyed by the sins (selfishness) of the undisciplined people who had lost their way, probably because things were going too well for them. Human beings who have it too good tend to develop a mindset of entitlement.

See Ezekiel 36, Ezekiel was instructed to actually speak to the land and the mountains. So I don’t think that the Prophets hated Israel at all and for the same reasons I also don’t think that anyone should hate the United States.

People judge each other by their actions, but God knows that there intentions. When I went to Prison and suffered for my own personal failures I experienced and believe that God was generous to me and my family and made a way for us as God does today because God knew my intentions, he knew I did not steal from anyone, nor did I intend to commit any offense even though technically I did and I was not as wise as I am today (which isn’t saying much). That’s powerful. The Lord did not make me suffer too long or unnecessarily as my fellow people had intended for me to suffer by using their broken courts, prisons and man’s law. Because the Lord does know our true hearts and sees things that man can not I believe the Lord sees into our hearts as he continues to do in mine.

Slavery was a horrible thing, but I do not believe that slavery has anything to do with the intentions behind the formation of the United States, the land and the country. Please hear me on this, it’s important because I believe that many well intention-ed people are pointing the finger in the wrong place because they are being used by anger and sorrow and so we are all loosing out on something very obvious that could unite us instead of continuing to try to divide us. I also believe that many people are being used by an actual effort by the many enemies of the United States who collectively wage psychological warfare on U.S. Citizens and spend money to get us to hate each other (and no, I’m not talking about Trump).

I believe the United States is a Holy place today because when those broken, but smart old “white” guys, wrote the Declaration of Independence and the associated Constitution, they honored God (the Creator) and actually mentioned God in the documents. How many other countries in this world today are founded on documents that references our Creator and God and had/has on their currency “In God We Trust.”

I love THE VALUES of the United States AS WRITTEN in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that have made this country the most powerful country on Earth and the envy of almost everyone in every other country who seeks a better life. No country is perfect. That’s because of man and the fact that governments are only as good as the people running them. But ponder this for a moment… I believe God in heaven blesses the USA even when broken people are running it because the founders simply featured God in the founding documents of the United States.

Think about this, “white” old slave owners (scholars for their time) sat down and wrote a document that said things like, “All Men are created Equal…” and “Liberty and Justice.” They didn’t say, “Big government in your face to tell you how to think, how to feel, how to spend your money..,” those are all broken ideas that never work.

But then as a result of those words written by slave owners God made their intentions real and slavery ended up being overcome through a Civil War where THE UNITED STATES prevailed… NOT the Confederacy… The Confederacy did not win that war. God saw the intentions of the founding fathers of this country and as a result every-time there is an injustice and every time someone is deprived of LIBERTY, and THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES or is OPRESSED BY THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE GOVERNMENT… where do we turn to in the USA to seek justice? The Constitution.

Always, the Constitution. Always, the Declaration of Independence. Then the end to Jim Crow laws… Then an entire generation growing up without really having to consider racism, until now people and even Pastors are teaching it to them in their churches and on TV and even broken law makers.

The Constitution is not about freebies and a free ride and creating and worshiping a human made Government to wipe our behinds like babies and tell us how to care for ourselves and what to say, how we should speak. That is not the place of any Government on Earth and every form of government that has taken that course has failed. The stronger government rules over people the faster that government fails and people reject it.

The place for people to learn and to be taught and to be held accountable for their actions is in Churches, not by force of law that only creates a false adherence at best and is no replacement for True Religion. In the words of Jesus we find salvation and life, the only best thing government can give to us is Liberty. Once you try to turn ANY important duty over to the Government to Police or Provide, then look out, you’re gonna be screwed. That’s why the U.S. is so powerful, because of LIBERTY, FREEDOM of CHOICE, the right for each individual to pursue happiness in their own way and collectively. But there is always evil to infiltrate our minds if we are not vigilant and it seeks to disrupt the U.S. form of government and make people beg for more leadership and kings against the will of God as in the days when people begged for a King to rule over Israel.

You shouldn’t be hating the United States or it’s lands or it’s people, or burning or spitting or kneeling at the FLAG, you should be wrapping yourself in that Flag of the United States and thanking God that we live in a Country where the foundation and it’s documents are so intertwined with God that they even overcame the sins of the founders who wrote them by ending slavery. You should be thanking God for the United States where you are free to speak your mind on any street corner as long as you don’t hurt anyone. You should thank God you live in a country where you are free to have these conversations and call the President an ass if you feel like it and in a country where the President can call someone else an ass if he feels like it. The only thing that we have to unite us in this country is the founding documents themselves, the land, the symbols. Every time you crap on those great U.S. symbols that represent the ideals that so many citizens gave their lives to defend you divide us further, for no reason.

The United States, the Flag, the founding documents, the principals and VALUES AS DEFINED in them represent specific ideals that we should all be rallying around, Black, White, Asian, whatever, American Citizens all. The Principals as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is what unites us and ends oppression and government overreach into our lives and religion. These ideals and their symbols are deserving of respect and everyone who gave their lives, slaves, free people all who fought side by side to create this country should be honored and respected.

Is the country perfect? No country or thing forged by human beings is perfect, NONE. But the U.S. is the best thing out there because of it’s construct and founding documents that acknowledge God and acknowledge that man and government are fallable and are not God and can never replace God. Can we lose this country? YES. But it should not be because you place your blame on the UNITED STATES…or the FLAG… or some lines in a national anthem that can simply be crossed out and removed by a simple act of congress because those lines contradict the values of the Constitution itself… That is the beauty of this country.

Would you go into any church and walk up and spit on the cross because you are angry with all of the sin (selfishness) in the world? If not spit on the cross because Jesus has not overcome all the sin commited in the world then don’t tear down the United States and it’s flag and teach people to hate “whitie” and be afraid of people of any color just because there are a hand full of criminals in the USA that you don’t like.

It’s time for us all to rally around the Flag and the Constitution and remove the offending lines form the anthem and be united as best we can, not complain and demand speech and money from each other. Those are the ways of Godless countries with Socialist and Communist doctrines that reject God and seek to install one group of broken people over another to create a false, forced peace. Let’s be united with each other, Black, White, everyone. Let’s celebrate each others differences and not tear each other down anymore.

Let’s start measuring people by the Content of their Character on an individual basis instead of living with an unhealthy fixation on race and looking at every issue in regards to how it relates to the color of our skin. If you continue down that road, we will never, ever be united, we will always be divided and we will never overcome the hatred that embodies the word, “Racist”. No, Hillary Clinton, we are not all inherently racist as you profess that we are when speaking for yourself. There are many people who have consciously replaced racism with love a long time ago.

Be angry with the people who deserve to hear what is on your mind all you want, that’s good… but love them… seek to overcome their ignorance with love an patience, not by imposing your own anger and sorrow back on them. A war will never end until one side lays down it’s arms. You can do that at any time, it’s up to every individual to do that over and over again and it’s our duty as Christians to love each other, not teach our children to hate each other.

God is what makes the U.S. Great and the further the U.S. moves away from God, the more likely it is that the Country will fail. If you like Liberty and Justice then you like the principals of the USA and you like God:

2 Corinthians 3:17. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.

2 Corinthians 3:17 (From the KJV) Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY (emancipation from bondage, freedom).

James 1.25. But the one who looks intently into the perfect law of FREEDOM, and continues to do so— not being a forgetful hearer, but an effective doer— he will be blessed in what he does.

Again, I love you. And whether you agree with me or not. I love you. I want us all to get along with each other in the USA because in spite of everything, the U.S. CITIZENS are strong because of our form of government and because we are strong we are the most generous people in the world. And unfortunately with great power comes great mistakes too, but let’s not abandon this great nation, let’s put aside the differences in our color to save this country for our children and ourselves.


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