Why NOT Building the Wall is Immoral

Billions are spent each year in the private sector to prevent injury to people. It’s the U.S. governments job to protect the lives of U.S. citizens and U.S. residents as best it can while other governments advocate for their own citizens. The U.S. government creates and enforces laws that mandate the expenditure of billions of dollars per year in the private sector to help prevent drugs, foods, physicians, chemical companies and automobiles from harming us.  For example, when an auto maker in the United States finds a defect in a vehicle laws cause manufacturers to spend billions of dollars to recall the vehicles to fix them even if no-one is hurt or even if only a small number of people have lost their lives. In 2016 U.S. automakers spent over $22 billion to recall vehicles to repair them in order to prevent injury to U.S. Citizens even in cases where little or no injuries or loss of life have already occurred.  Increasingly, there is an alarming disregard for the safety of U.S. Citizens that is being exhibited by elected officials in the Democratic Party who openly promote the interests of small groups of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes including killing, raping, drugging, human trafficking and hurting U.S. Citizens as well as many other people from other countries.

If we consider only the state of Texas hundreds of thousands of violent crimes can be prevented by increasing border security. In the United States, in the State of Texas alone over the past seven years over 193,000 criminals have been caught and jailed that were associated with individuals identified by their Homeland Security status as being in the U.S. illegally at the time of their latest arrest. Many of the illegal aliens who are arrested, tried, convicted, jailed and deported somehow never leave the U.S. or they make their way back into the U.S. through additional illegal border crossings through the highly porous southern border. The 193,000 criminals does not include illegal alien criminals who have never been caught for their offense, nor do these figures include crimes committed by illegal aliens in the other 49 states. Over the past seven years the crimes committed include 566 homicide convictions; 29,164 assault convictions; 9,060 burglary convictions; 38,287 drug convictions; 274 kidnapping convictions; 20,082 theft convictions; 24,451 obstructing police convictions; 2,202 robbery convictions; 3,244 sexual assault convictions; and 4,036 weapon convictions. Again, these figures do not include the millions of crimes committed by illegal aliens throughout the entire United States.

Democratic Judges promote violence by illegal aliens by being more lenient on violent illegal alien criminals who are caught committing crimes than they are on U.S. Citizens.  Illegal aliens that are repeatedly convicted of horrific crimes are sentenced then released to re-offend in the U.S. with little or no prison time and without notice given to federal immigration services whose job it is to deport illegal aliens and in particular illegal aliens who have been convicted of a crime. Even in cases where illegal alien criminals are deported they often return through the porous border to re-offend many times receiving extraordinary leniency by judges who support the policy of Democrats. The Democrats say that current level of border security does not warrant an additional $5.7 billion increase in spending and that the current rates of crime, murder, rape and death on the border and in the U.S. caused by illegal immigrants is acceptable, but that is not what people, including Native American’s who live on the border say.

Under Democratic governance some cities including the entire state of California formally offer Sanctuary and protection from deportation for illegal alien criminals who are charged with violent crimes and crimes that resulted in death. Much to the dismay and detriment of many U.S. Citizens entire cities and states under Democratic control have opened their doors to illegal aliens and their criminal counterparts, including violent gang members, drug dealers and homeless.  In so called, “Sanctuary cities” local rules and laws have been passed by Democratic leadership that prevent local law enforcement officials to ignore the citizenship status of illegal immigrants and that prevent local law enforcement and police from working with their Federal law enforcement counterparts who are responsible for deporting illegal immigrants and in particular illegal immigrants who have broken other U.S. laws and who may represent a threat to the safety of U.S. Citizens.  This special protection being provided by Sanctuary cities is extended to illegal immigrants even when they are associated with criminal gangs and even when they commit terrible crimes of violence, including murder, rape, vehicular homicide, etc.. The Democrats justify Sanctuary cities by stating that it makes their cities safer because the large illegal immigrant population would refuse to call local law enforcement to prevent crimes if they felt that they were in danger of deportation.  This net result has been that Sanctuary cities have become a haven for criminal illegal aliens who do not fear deportation or lengthy prison sentences in these cities. The entire idea of Sanctuary cities that protect people who break the law is obviously an insane idea and the results speak for themselves every day with the deterioration of the cities, some of which are overrun with unskilled illegal immigrants and the criminal element of that population.  Some Sanctuary cities are so overwhelmed and riddled with crime that the homeless and poor with nowhere to go are defecating in the public streets.  In spite of these conditions some Sanctuary cities are going even further to attract illegal immigrants and their violent criminal counter parts by offering free tax payer funded medical care.

$5.7 billion dollars is being requested to increase border security including adding 215 miles more to the existing 580 miles of physical barrier on the Southern border in order to stop preventable crimes and unnecessary deaths and poor detainment conditions. The people making these requests include the President of the United States, law makers, law enforcement representatives, the border protection officers, the governor and Lt. Governor of Texas as well as thousands of victims and their family members who have been the victims of violent crimes committed against them by illegal aliens. The obvious key point to understand is that crimes committed by illegal aliens are crimes that are being committed by people who should not be  in the United States in the first place. Crimes committed by people who are not allowed to be in the United States in the first place are preventable through increased border security including physical barriers. Today the number of illegal immigrants who have breached the border illegally to live and work in the United States illegally has reached crisis levels with some estimates placing the number of illegal immigrants living and working illegally in the United States as high as between 12 and 22 million. In addition to the small number of illegal immigrants responsible for hundreds of thousands of violent crimes against U.S. Citizens, illegal immigrants take jobs from American workers, steal identities, lower wages, and illegitimately gain access to government funded programs to which they are not entitled placing a strain on government resources and tax payers.  Those who seek to protect illegal immigrants in spite of the damage being done encourage the breaking of laws and encourage criminal behavior on behalf of the population of illegal immigrants and sight studies that have been engineered to promote and encourage illegal immigration and to convince unsuspecting U.S. Citizens that it is their moral duty to accept the people who are already illegally in the U.S. and those who want to enter illegally as legitimate citizens complete with the rights to vote.  The Democratic Party uses it’s influence with the media and publicly funded broadcast programming to create run anti-wall propaganda campaigns that falsely argue that portions of the wall will be built in areas, such as on Native American Reservations where the residence have legal standing to reject the wall. Every campaign that argues against the building of a wall without mentioning that there is no requirement in any of the proposed spending bills for the wall that requires U.S. authorities to place a wall in any specific or in areas where it does not make sense such as, rivers, mountains and in Native American Reservations where the wall cannot be built without permission obtaining permission. In these areas high technology solutions that meet the needs of the local residents and law enforcement can be installed instead of building new walls.  Even the Native American’s acknowledge that they are the victims of crimes by illegal aliens and they agree that something must be done in the way of increasing security and everyone agrees that because of their special needs technology solutions other than a wall can be used.  One of the primary strategic reasons for more walls that is based on experience is to help channel and concentrate the majority of the flow of illegal border crossings into areas that are easier, safer and less costly to police.

Is it Tump’s Wall or increased border security including a Wall that U.S. Citizens elected President Trump to secure? Those who favor the chaos and disruption created by illegal immigration and want to keep border security at its current ineffective level refer to the additional 215 miles of physical barrier being proposed as, “Trump’s Wall” because of the President, Donald Trump who campaigned and was elected to halt the flow of illegal immigrants. In fact, it’s not Trump’s wall it’s an additional form of protection that includes a barrier being requested by government agencies, law and border enforcement agents, leaders and victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens that could have been prevented if there were increased border security. The entire argument and government shutdown is in regards to adding 215 miles of physical barriers to the already existing 580 miles of border wall.  As a result of crimes being committed by illegal aliens victims and their family members are asking that everything that can be done to secure the border should be done. These victims and their families support building and enhanced physical barrier at the border. The Governor and Lt. Governor of Texas are fighting to have the wall built because they believe it will substantially lower crime. The majority of border Agents who risk their lives every day to defend the border openly advocate for the wall and believe it will help to make their jobs easier and further deter people from attempting to cross the border in remote areas in the first place.  U.S. Citizens elected the President on the basis he would build a wall as part of increasing border security but the Democratic Party does not honor the election of the sitting President or have any respect for the U.S. Citizens who elected him.

Many of the arguments in favor of supporting illegal immigrants are the same arguments used to justify slavery during the Civil War.  Up until the Democratic Party declared themselves to be the champions of equality and civil rights in the 60’s they were the champions of slavery, the founders and defenders of the KKK and supported abortion as a means to kill as many baby’s in the wombs of black people as they could. However, in spite of the window dressing it seems that even though the Democratic Party publicly portrays itself as the champion of civil rights and the defenders any person or group that identifies themselves as a victim or as oppressed the very same broken thinking that originally led the Democrats to support slavery and the KKK for so long still exists within the Democratic Party.  For example the Democratic Party still supports abortion and the killing of as many black babies in the womb as can possibly be performed even funding it with taxpayer money.  The Democratic Party now argues relentlessly to encourage illegal immigrants to enter and stay in the USA in order serve as an underpaid slave class to help support big business and lower the costs of the industry of agriculture and aligning themselves with the slave owners of the past.  Just as the slave owners that launched the Civil War their Democratic counterparts of today parrot the very same arguments in favor of illegal aliens, including, “Who will harvest our crops, and who will cook our meals, clean our houses and mow our lawns if we lose our illegal aliens?”  According the the Democrats, “U.S. Citizens will not do this hard work for the slave wages that we are willing to pay, thus the work will remain undone. Only Mexicans and Africans do the work.” As such this argument has resulted in a self fulfilling prophecy as increasing numbers of illegal immigrants have steadily out bid U.S. workers for so long that they have lowered the expected wages to the point where no U.S. Citizen could afford to work any job for such low wages whether they were willing to do the work or not. Now days these low wage jobs are left to the new generation of U.S. slaves the illegal immigrants promoted, conscripted and supported by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party grotesquely and continually advertises propaganda campaigns that falsely portray law breaking illegal immigrants as heroes even though they enter the country illegally in order to take jobs from U.S. Citizens and live work and lie in the shadows.  The U.S. allows and encourages millions of people to legally immigrate to America. For these legal immigrants that are welcomed to the USA and who have worked hard to enter the U.S. the Statue of Liberty has an important personal message. The Democratic Party repeatedly attempts to assert that the message written on the Statue of Liberty is actually intended as a to encourage people to break the laws of the United States, disregard U.S. Citizens and law enforcement and adopt a criminal lifestyle of living in the shadows, obeying laws only when it is convenient to do so.  The Democratic Party irresponsibly conflates the message written by the French on the Statue of Liberty with a U.S. value that or an article in the U.S. Constitution that legally obligates U.S. Citizens to attempt to end poverty in the world by allowing everyone who is poor to enter the USA and to provide the poor with jobs that would otherwise go to a U.S. Citizen.  This simplistic world view is obviously unsustainable and destructive but it has been successfully marketed by the Democratic Party to many unsuspecting U.S. Citizens by targeting propaganda campaigns that prey on the kind hardheartedness that most U.S. Citizens do posses. The Democrats advertise, promote and advocate in every way on behalf of illegal immigrants while intentionally ignoring and disregarding the plight and growing numbers U.S. Citizens who are also becoming homeless and poor in part because they can not obtain jobs because there are millions of illegal immigrants that will do the work for less money (below poverty levels).

Instead of doing everything possible to help prevent more violent crimes against U.S. Citizens and legal U.S. Residents, the Democratic Party is asking their followers to join them in calling the victims of crimes by illegal aliens racists, stupid and bigots for requesting a wall.  Sadly the Democratic Party is fighting their fellow citizens, lawmakers and law enforcement officials by refusing to fund a request for $5.7 billion for increased border security that includes a physical barrier. $5.7 billion is a fraction of what automakers are forced to pay every year to prevent accidents by performing recalls.  $5.7 billion is less than 0.00126 of the U.S. national budget and by comparison the U.S. has already spent $15.3 billion in Syria in less than 2 years helping to secure the lives of people there from chemical attacks and other threats.  In 2015 it was discovered that under the control of Democratic appointed leadership the IRS secretly and illegally paid well over $15 billion dollars in earned income tax credits to illegal aliens.  The specific tax credits consist of money that is given out to U.S. Citizens whether they worked for the money or not as part of a welfare program paid for by U.S. Citizens.  To help ease the burden of paying illegal aliens tax credits the Democratic leadership of the IRS assisted and encouraged illegal immigrants to steal the identity documents and Social Security numbers from U.S. Citizens and use them to pay whatever taxes that they could pay.   One of the obviously false arguments of the Democratic Party is that somehow illegal immigrants who are willing to work for less wages than U.S. Citizens somehow helps our economy causes more tax revenue to be collected. The problem with this argument is that the presence of illegal aliens willing to work for less money obviously deprives jobs from U.S. Residents who are willing to work the same jobs for a fair wage.  Elected Democratic officials in both California and New York are now offering to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants through taxes being paid by U.S. Citizens.  In order to promote their agenda Democrats openly ask their followers to join a resistance movement against their fellow citizens who are against using tax payers funds to assist and encourage people who break the law. The ideas promoted and supported by the Democratic Party is to “resist” by any means including disturbing the peace, making false accusations, engaging in negative publicity and smear campaigns and even by using acts of violence to fight against their fellow Citizens who do not agree with the “ideals” of America as dictated by the Democratic leadership.  The propaganda campaigns of the Democratic Party and their followers includes repeating messages to attempt to discourage strengthening border enforcement on the basis that our current levels of “militarization” of the border are representative of our best efforts and are still not effective and don’t prevent illegal border crossing.  The illogical argument of the Democrats in their messaging campaign is that applying more resources will not solve the problem. In reality the obvious fact that current resources of border enforcement are not adequate is the very reason why border agents are requesting more resources, including more walls all of which require funding.

To support their argument the Democratic majority leaders of Congress say that building a wall to protect citizens from violent crimes is immoral They say that building a wall looks bad and looking good is more important than saving lives.  Furthermore without offering any evidence or explanation the Democratic leaders routinely promote arguments that defy logic stating that physical barriers “don’t work.” The Democratic Party has not stated what their proposed alternatives or solutions for border security would be or what their methods would cost but they are successful in getting their followers to parrot completely illogical arguments as though they are facts, particularly in the mainstream media that is controlled through ownership by Democrats.  The Democrats have refused to meet with the President to engage in negotiations as long as the President continues to fight for U.S. Citizens who want the physical barrier on the Southern border and as a result the U.S. Government remains unfunded and shut down running with only essential staff and thousands of their fellow citizens who work for the government going without pay. The Democratic Party promotes their position to their followers using their substantial ownership of mainstream media encouraging Democrats to ignore their fellow citizens who are victims and family members of serious preventable crimes and to ridicule and intimidate victims creating false and offensive arguments.  Even though the weakest estimates of U.S. Citizens who support the wall are about 30% of the population the Democratic party encourages their followers to ignore their fellow citizens citing that they do not represent a significant enough number of people to merit attention and the losses of lives due to violent crimes committed by illegal aliens against U.S. Citizens and legal immigrants are negligible and acceptable losses that citizens should be willing to accept even though they are preventable.

Democrats say there is no crisis, but they will not meet with victims or family members of victims of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. Nobody knows exactly why the Democrats do not care enough about their fellow citizens to spend the poultry amount being requested to help secure the country and end the government shutdown.  Democrats defend criminal illegal aliens by pointing out that more crimes are committed by legal citizens than by aliens which has nothing to do with the obvious fact that thousands of crimes could be prevented by increased border security. Many people believe a border wall would be worth it even if the wall only prevents 10 people from being hurt. The Democrats claim that the current status quo is the way things have always been and so these victims and their losses do not represent a crisis and neither does the thousands of deaths, rapes, murders, crime and chaos on the border itself that results by failing to deter people from trying to cross the border illegally in the first place.  The Democrat’s don’t consider the estimated 12 million and 22 million illegal immigrants living and working in the USA taking jobs from U.S. Citizens to be a crisis and it does not appear that any number no matter how large will constitute a crisis to the Democratic Party. To the Democratic Party of today the countless numbers of U.S. citizens and their families that have had their lives destroyed by preventable crimes are acceptable losses in the Democrats in their war on the existing citizens of the USA who they consider to be the bourgeois.

There is evidence that Democratic Party is carrying out a destructive plan to bring into the United States as many illegal aliens as they can and convert them into legal voting citizens through amnesty all the while bribing these new citizens with big government hand outs, benefits and welfare packages paid for by the existing citizens.  There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the goal of the Democratic Party is to assist as many illegal aliens as possible to enter and stay in the country and bribe them with government taxpayer benefits in order to convert them into Democratic voters so their party can survive in the future. The evidence of this unholy goal is substantial as detailed in the book entitled, Sellout by David P. Schippers, former Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. I believe that this explains why the Democrats continually find themselves straining to support illegal aliens in every way possible including by making embarrassingly and obviously ignorant arguments on their behalf even when their policies are clearly in opposition to the health and welfare of the U.S. citizens.  border agents and prisons that hold illegal immigrants who attempt to cross the border are overwhelmed with arrests of over 50,000 people per month during many months with untold numbers of people who are able to evade border patrol that are estimated to be between 10,000 and 50,000 per month.  In order to further demoralize and disrupt the rule of law Democrats encourage their followers to engage in hate campaigns against border patrol agents. Democrats openly and falsely portray border patrol agents who try to protect their own lives as intentionally hurting innocent women and children by hurling tear gas in to violent mobs of criminals who attempt to breach the border by force while forcing women and children to be used as human shields. Democratic followers are encouraged to create media that disparages border Patrol agents to the disgust of law abiding citizens and victims of crimes.

The Democratic Party does everything it can to promote illegal immigration as possible by creating public messaging campaigns and speeches that conflate the subject of legal immigration with illegal immigration in order to confuse and polarize people. Democratic policies continually and immorally encourage people to break the law, enter our country illegally, steal identity documents, take jobs from U.S. citizens for lower wages and gain access to U.S. tax payer funded assistance programs and education.  The Democrats even create and help argue in favor of sanctuary cities where illegal aliens who commit serious crimes of violence including killing, can remain safely within the USA after being released from court.  Even more troubling is this promotions of lawlessness and embracing of foreign people who do not have any knowledge of the U.S. Constitution appear to be what is now becoming an open agenda by the Democratic Party to abandon the U.S. Constitution in favor of a socialist form of government because the U.S. Constitution might be too outdated as party member and Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke openly states as part of his campaign.

The Democratic Party finds themselves on the same side as human traffickers and drug cartels who are also asking for border security to be maintained at current levels or to be made less restrictive. Combined, illegal drug cartels and human traffickers from all over the world spend hundreds of millions in lobbying U.S. politicians including hiring telemarketers to call the offices of elected officials posing as concerned constituents, making substantial donations in support of candidates that will weaken security, advertising online, creating social media content and all other forms of messaging in order to fight any increases in border security and to promote open borders. Interestingly the Democratic Party is the biggest advocate of keeping border security as low as possible which helps to increase deaths, rapes and violence on the border which is a simple easy to understand fact. In a recent case Democrats funded a lawsuit in federal court to successfully fight President Trump’s executive order requiring people seeking asylum to enter the USA to enter through designated and controlled ports of entry for their own safety. As a result of a ruling by a Democratic judge a child died of dehydration shortly after his family and was apprehended by border enforcement agents while trying to cross the border illegally by going through the desert in order to avoid entering through a designated port of entry.  The blood of this young child is on the hands of the Democrats that encourage poor people to break the law and enter the U.S. through dangerous terrain to avoid detection.  The repugnant public response of the Democrats to the death of this child was to deflect their culpability and instead vilify border patrol agents who are overwhelmed and to encourage Democratic followers to disparage law enforcement officers on the border. The Democrats ignore the thousands of life saving rescues performed by the border patrol.  Democrats ignore requests by border agents for more funding to increase their ability to save more lives and save more lives in the harsh environments where people attempt to illegally cross the border.   The Democrats  have been publicly morning the death of this child and lashing out on the border patrol but the Democrats refuse to speak with the family members of U.S. Citizens who have been killed by illegal aliens even when the families come directly to their offices.  These are the kinds of court victories led and fought for by Democrats that encourage people to evade border security agents by attempting to enter the country using the same dangerous routes as drug dealers and human traffickers. The misguided work of the Democrats manifest in polices and court victories that lead to the suffering and death of untold thousands of people on the border and encourage people to attempt dangerous border crossings.  In addition, drug cartels and others to use minors sending them directly into the U.S. illegally only to be released into the U.S. when they are apprehended. Existing U.S. laws require that minors who are apprehended by border agents for attempting illegal entry into the U.S. be released after a certain number of days. Drug cartels and human traffickers exploit these broken U.S. laws by recruiting minors to penetrate the porous U.S. borders illegally in order to the bidding of criminals who live outside the U.S..

When pressed the Democratic Party members can not openly identify any rational reason why they changed their former public utterances in support heightened border security to now lessor and diminished levels of border security that they espouse publicly today. The Democrats routinely lie to get votes and as proven in this case when compared to their words form the past regarding border security and their words today they are conflicted. But make no mistake about it, Democrats are openly fighting for illegal aliens and against the mainstream so as to appeal to their new base which I will identified specifically in one of my next articles as “Everyone Else.”  At some point time starting during the Clinton Presidency, the Democratic Party increased their campaign to convert illegal aliens into legal U.S. Citizens Democratic voters and began to take the program from outside of the hidden shadows and promote it in broad daylight.  This new brazen open door policy advocated by the Democrats is the reason why in 2007 they publicly advocated for strengthen border security but after realizing that they could no longer keep their ruse from being discovered because they were secretly scuttling border security they now openly contradict their former language. Instead today the Democratic Party openly embraces and promotes the illegal immigrant as a cornerstone of American values and they hail the so called, poor down trodden illegal alien as “acting more like American’s” than citizens in America according to Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Of course this would only be true for people who are completely ignorant of the Constitution and the framework of U.S. governance which has lead to the U.S. being arguably the most powerful and fruitful nation in the world by many standards.  However, the illegal alien is nurtured and defended by Democrats because they are the new voter for Democrats.  In spite of the most obvious arguments to defend the integrity of our voting process the Democrats fight vigorously against any serious voter ID laws sighting the ridiculous and easily solvable problems associated with issuing a national voter ID.  At every turn we find the Democrats doing everything possible to open the door and encourage illegal aliens to vote illegally diminishing and disrupting the cornerstone rights of the U.S. Citizen and the Constitution in order to manipulate the outcome of elections in their favor.

The blatant disdain and lack of caring of Democrats for their own citizens who are begging for protection from those who enter our country illegally and for fellow citizens who literally elected a President to build a wall to protect them from preventable crime is immoral and repugnant. The Democratic parties lack of sensitivity for victims and their name calling demonstrates an obvious hatred and contempt for their fellow citizens and the many constituents in their own communities who also want to protect their fellow citizens even if it includes spending some money on a wall that might not be as effective as hoped.

So what do automobile recalls and illegal immigration have in common? The Democrats and their broken way of thinking and actions of late exhibit a lack of caring for the safety of U.S. Citizens  and a lack of caring about the value of lives. Imagine if we were to apply these same immoral ideals and behaviors to the private sector, such as the automotive industry. According to the Democrats “ideals” and “values” there would no longer be any reason to require auto makers to spend billions of their own money to “potentially” protect a few people through recalls to repair faulty vehicles. The new Democratic Party is disrespectful to their constituents, to the victims, to the government workers by using them as pawns, and derelict in their duties as government officials to protect those citizens who are begging for protection even if it saves only a few lives. The Democrats claim it was an atrocity for children to be separated from their parents when parents and children were caught crossing the border illegally, at the same time they have no problem with family members of U.S. Citizens being permanently separated as a result of death from violent crimes that could be prevented through border enforcement.  Considering the astronomical ways that the government abusively wastes and spends the tax payers money the idea touted by the Democrats that $5.7 billion dollars is too much money to spend to protect the lives of both U.S. Citizens as well as foreigners is grotesque. The willingness of the Democrats to unnecessarily gamble with more lives of citizens and their families and to the foreigners that they encourage to abuse our borders unnecessarily increases mortal suffering and death and is irresponsible and immoral.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I share this Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by and in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his Christ like love that lead to real change through peaceful demonstrations with dignity and purpose rather than calls for dead cops and disregard fellow citizens and the republic within which we all find ourselves together and for which many have fought and died in the pursuit of equality and justice for all.

There is a big difference between constructive tension that reveals the strength of character and dignity of people who are oppressed as apposed to destructive tension that makes use of racial slurs and expressions of anger and hate and teaches young children to have contempt for people of another race. You can’t fight hate with hate, as Dr. King himself said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There appears to be a big difference between the civil rights movement of the past and the present day protesters whose messages are often unclear and un-unified but ultimately seem to always reduce to differences in economic standing. Even that one unifying message from protesters that seek special consideration and economic equality for one race seems to ignore the same economic circumstances suffered not just by the protesters and their race, but by the majority of people from all races, geographic locations, ethnicity and backgrounds.

Like every person including many hero’s, Martin Luther King Jr. had flaws and was known to have had affairs with women outside of his marriage. If he were being judged by the hypocrisy of today it is unclear if his message would have even been able to be heard over the tabloid news fixation about his character flaws. We appear to have become the great accusers happy to punish anyone as much as possible more concerned with form than with substance. Non-the-less, thankfully, Dr. King lived in different times when people appeared to recognize and accept the fact that no-one other than Christ is perfect.

It seemed in that in the past, people were willing to forgive each other more liberally than today. Perhaps forgiveness was more thoroughly integrated into the lifestyles of people in our society because religion was integrated into families and the schools. Judeo-Christian faith encourages people to do their best to live to a higher standard based on centuries old teachings and wisdom from the Bible. The faith also teaches people to exercise forgiveness liberally in light of the fact that we are all imperfect and often fail and act selfishly in spite of our best efforts to to live to any standard higher than our own limited thinking and feeling. Perhaps forgiveness is exactly what is needed today.

In a time when there is a national debate about whether current activists are intentionally and unnecessarily encouraging protests that involve hate speech and contempt for others rather than peaceful demonstration against unjust laws, what are your thoughts? During a time when there is a debate about whether protesters are asking for special favoritism rather than true equality through law, what do you think? In a time when there are questions about the integrity of facts, statistics and studies used “to determine whether injustices are alive” are in dispute, what do you think? At a time when there is a debate of the clarity of the issues and the reasonableness of demands being made by protesters, what do you think? At a time when the methods of protest appear to many to be misguided and misunderstood, what do you think? At a time when the fundamental issue that seems to divide the majority of people are those who think that the best solution to every problem is to seek to control the thoughts and reactions of others rather than focusing on controlling our own thoughts and actions and exercising self-responsibility, what do you think?

My own thoughts are clear. There can be no lasting solution to any of the particular problems that face us unless they are founded upon the tenants of Christ, in particular loving God and your neighbor, and most importantly forgiveness. Christ on the Cross forgave people who did not even ask to be forgiven. I believe that forgiveness is what is needed today more than anything.

Am I against protests, action and tension? Not for the right causes and performed with dignity in the right spirit, with love for your enemy and not with contempt and hatred. Contempt and hatred are the beginnings of armed conflict, not peaceful protests. As with many things today, I believe that many of the protesters lack clear goals and the protests themselves are done without negociation from the spirit of anger, hate and manipulation rather than from the spirit of love.

Romans 12.19-21 : Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” On the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. “

The protesters of the past had clearly defined goals and unfair laws and rules to change. They were being physically oppressed, hurt and ridiculed and they did not respond out of anger or hate. They were apposing evil that was easy to see and they did so not by hurling racial slurs and condemnation at their oppressors, but rather exhibiting real superiority and dignity by exercising patience under extraordinary situations. Protesters of the past invited the support of all people, even old veterans. Protesters of the past didn’t seek to agitate the wrong people who would otherwise be on their side. Protesters of the past took careful consideration for their methods of protest so that there could be no mistaking their intentions, integrity and sincerity. I believe the components that made such effective protests by Dr. King in the past are not present in today’s protests and “movements”.

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By Eric Majors, EricMajors.com

An ideal protest includes a clear cause and a method of protest that educates and unites as many people as possible to either come up with a solution to a problem or to perform some call to action. Protests that lack any specific call to action may be therapeutic but are unlikely to solve any problems.

I agree with those who think that kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest creates more problems than it solves. The protest lacks a call to action so it’s unclear what anybody can to that would satisfy the protesters and end the protest. There doesn’t seem to be any one single representative of the protesters who has the authority to declare an end to the protests.

All you have to do is to look at the confusion, division, anger and resentment that the protest has caused among so many citizens to realize that it’s a disaster. The negative results are indisputable.

If racism is the cause for the protest then most people are already aware of racism and they appose it. It’s not as though Colin Kaepernick discovered racism, it’s been a problem throughout recorded history that we struggle with to this day.

The best analogy that I can think of to explain why kneeling at the national anthem is so misguided is that it’s like going to church and spitting on the cross while everyone is taking communion in order to protest all of the sin in the world. In other words, the blame appears to be directed at the wrong party, the most innocent party. In the case of kneeling at the anthem the blame appears to be placed at the ideals and the vision of the founding of the United States government and the republic for which it stands.

The obvious problem with protesting against the United States and it’s founding documents is that the U.S. is made up of all of the people who hold the truths of the Declaration of Independence to be self evident, including equality, freedom, justice and liberty. Although things have never been perfect in any country including the United States and they are still not perfect today nobody can argue that the founding documents and principals of our republic have been the best catalyst for change that continue to guide us all towards the ideal goals of liberty, justice and equality for all citizens.

Kneeling during the anthem has created an immediate diversion from the discussion of racism to a discussion about how patriotism and love of country by citizens should be respected. The kneeling protest is peaceful and provocative but it gives the wrong impression. The most successful movements of our past that have lead to real change leveraged patriotism. These were protests lead by people like by Frederick Douglass during the Civil War and Martin Luther King.

One would think that in this day and age the NFL would be staffed with advertising moguls who would have immediately enforced the leagues own policies that clearly spell out proper behavior during the national anthem and immediately performed an intervention with Colin Kaepernick. If they really cared about their players as they claim that they do they could have helped him to help him formulate a more effective media campaign that we could all rally around. The NFL has to realize that these young men come from a lot of backgrounds and may have no idea why their protest is so ill received.

The NFL has failed fans from all races and backgrounds that are offended. Many former fans are now boycotting games and burning their NFL paraphernalia because the NFL refuses to acknowledge that kneeling during the anthem is simply too offensive. Instead of apologizing to people who are being offended the NFL and the protesting players keep trying to justify the protests and change the narrative from the method of protest to some vague cause that has something to do with racism.

In defense of themselves the protesters say that their intentions are being misinterpreted and misunderstood. If that’s true then the misunderstanding only goes to strengthen the argument that kneeling at the anthem may be one of the worst forms of protest ever conceived and it would be grounds to end the protests rather than continue to confuse and agitate people. No matter how you slice it it’s simply indefensible.

The NFL’s failure to take a stand and do the right thing or even acknowledge and apologize to everyone who has been offended makes them look just like the very swamp creatures that are reviled by the majority of citizens and that have drawn the ire of President Trump.

In twenty years from now, I predict that we will even see documentaries where some of these players who are kneeling today will admit that kneeling to the anthem was a mistake. The question is can anyone admit the failure sooner?

In conclusion I would like to offer the NFL and all of the players who have knelt during the anthem a way out. I believe that there is a way out that would not only enable us to address the very issues that prompted the protest but would also create an opportunity for some who are now kneeling to become heroes.

In this case that hero is somebody who is willing to admit that they made a mistake and to apologize to all of the people who have been offended. In this day and age were so few people are willing to admit when they are wrong and being right is more important to people than doing the right thing this would be received like manna from heaven. The management of the NFL should really become that hero but their previous miscalculations and missteps demonstrate that they may not be smart enough to do the right thing.

And so the possibility of being the hero is available to any of the players who are currently kneeling at the national anthem who have the guts to be the first to admit that it was a mistake and that it was a bad idea simply because it has hurt so many people from all ethnic backgrounds and genders. If such a hero comes forward then that hero would suddenly have the ear and support of everyone, including those people who have been offended. That hero would enable us to move on from the discussion of the method of protest to a serious conversation about the underlying issues of racism that are presumably at the root of the protests.

Any form of protest that gives the impression of uncaring, anger or hate is not going to win the support needed to achieve any constructive outcomes. Regardless of intentions too many people are seeing uncaring, anger and hate towards the republic for which the anthem and the flag stand. The only way that these protests can lead to anything constructive is for the protest itself to be condemned and to come to an end so that we can move on to the more serious discussion of the underlying grievances are real and that do effect us all.

by Eric Majors, www.EricMajors.com

October 10, 2017

Note To Car Manufactures about Cell Phones

Automobiles and Cell Phones
By Eric Majors, EricMajors.com

Modern Cell Phones and Cars

Why do auto makers have USB charging ports for cell phones in cars without any place to put your phone? If you’re like me you love when things just work. For the past few years I’ve rented cars to take the family on cross country vacations on several occasions. In each case I am continually frustrated when trying to find a place to put my phone which I typically use for navigation and music for the road.

Why can’t we get this right? I can think of no reason to keep us from having a place to put our cell phones in modern vehicles where it can be easily accessed by the driver and passenger. If there is concern over people texting and driving, I can assure you that regardless of how you use your cell phone, without a logical place to put your cell phone your driving experience will always be less safe. Although I do not recommend texting and driving this condemned practice is even more unsafe if you are trying to text and drive with your phone on your thigh or in both hands. What’s equally frustrating is having your GPS on your phone drop off the console or wherever you are forced to place it whilst you drive.

What needs to be in place in order for our cell phones to have a logical an prominent place in modern cars? Let’s start a movement…

by Eric Majors, www.EricMajors.com

A World of Uncertainty

By Eric Majors, EricMajors.com

In many science fiction Horror films hell is depicted as a place of chaos where there is no certainty and people mutilate themselves and harm others.

Today’s world brings us to an age of technology that makes it possible for a relatively small group of people to annihilate the entire human race by simply ordering a toxin online capable of poisoning millions.

Perhaps a more subtle but even more lethal threat to humanity is coming in the form of ideas designed to target human feelings which emanate within the body. Feeling and feelings are one of the many great and important components of human beings. What would life be without the sensations and energy that comes from feelings that we experience from within our physical body? Feelings are not bad and we aught to be thankful that we have them but they also come with some dangerous downsides that people have to learn to manage if they don’t want to live their lives in chaos, hurting themselves and those around them.

Feelings change throughout our lives often for inexplicable reasons and without any basis in logic. We do not feel the same way today that we did when we were children and the ebb and tide of energy that arises from feelings must be managed if we don’t want to cause harm to ourselves or others.

Feelings are also the root of selfishness which must be tamed and managed in order for people to reach their full potential and keep from being used by the consciousness of feeling itself. The human component of feelings are the lowest level of human consciousness similar animal instincts and are designed to be managed, governed and tempered by the brain and Spirit (or higher consciousness) if we don’t want to live like animals. Feelings are also often confused with the conscience, that “feeling” of what is right and wrong, but the conscience is actually a manifestation of consciousness that is higher than feelings and thinking and comes from the Spirit when it is not blocked out and over ridden by feelings or wrong thinking.

The Spirit is that component of us that is the observer of our thinking and feeling and therefore able to see what is true even when our limited thinking and feeling are deceived. When a person has a healthy connection with their Spirit the Spirit can cause right action to be identified and executed in spite of our own fears and in spite of our own wrong thinking and feeling. Unfortunately many people live their entire lives never engaging with, never seeking to develop or connect with their Spirit. Because of the negative dogma of some religions many people reject all religions which typically come with their own rules that are designed specifically to tame thinking and feeling in order to connect with Spirit. Without consciously engaging with their Spiritual development in any way many people live their entire lives dominated by every whim of their ever changing, temporal and limited thinking and feeling alone. Sadly many people live their entire lives burred under and deceived by their limited thinking and feeling. Many people never know, use or experience the power of the Spirit that enables people to override their limited thinking and feeling and even permanently modify it in order to experience true prosperity and fulfillment that is available to us all without having to mutilate our bodies, live in fantasy of mind or impose our lifestyles on others by force.

Feelings are very strong energies that are particularly vulnerable to manipulation and illusion and people who live dominated by their feelings believe that whatever you feel is how you should live your life. As a result they live their lives in an unpredictable whirlwind of highs, lows, relationships and rules that change whenever their feelings change, often chasing an illusive “feeling” of satisfaction that never seems to completely manifest. People who live dominated by feelings alone have not learned that “what feels good for you is not necessarily good for you.” People who live dominated by their feelings are not interested in objective reality or facts and they have no use for rules imposed upon them by government or religion that are designed to protect them from themselves and the selfish destructive nature of lives dominated by feeling alone. People dominated by their feelings are not governable and believe in using force whenever necessary to protect themselves from others who they often believe are the source of all of the problems in their own lives. For people who live by feeling alone it feels much easier to blame others for their circumstance than to take responsibility for their own lives which would require them to do work which does not feel good in order to overcome circumstance.

Because of the technology of communications aided by social media, the human race is increasingly acting as one organism, even connected to each others thought in real time through the internet. Like one big human being, complete with feeling (body), thinking (analysis) and Spirit (that which is unseen). And as a one big creature we are now witness to the classic fight that takes place within every person at some point in their lives when the consciousness of feeling (the body) wrestles with reason (the mind), in order to maintain dominance and avoid evolution for fear of losing control and perhaps dying. In most individuals this fight occurs later in life as the physical body (feeling) loses dominance and gives way to reason (the brain, thinking) due to aging or as a result of life experience. For some lucky people the relationship between body, mind and spirit is mastered earlier in life. The understanding and usage of the relationship between body, mind and Spirit is referred to as enlightenment and results in the ability to truly utilize free will where decisions are calculated and executed rather than being manipulated by misleading feeling and thinking alone.

This brings us back to the the consciousness of feeling which only knows one thing, it wants to feel good. I believe that today the collective of the human race is in a dangerous struggle to transcend the lower consciousness level of feeling in order to reach a higher level that will transform humanity for the better if we can survive the struggle. It is hard to predict if the human race will make this leap in consciousness because feeling is with out reason and it is strong and it will fight even to the death of its host if it believes it is threatened as evidenced by the riots, lawlessness and “resistance” to any form of governance and self discipline that we see today in our culture.

Feeling (the body) has no regard for how it gets to “feel good” and is happy to feel good even at the expense of others and even causing harm or death to others if necessary in order to feel good.

I do not believe that gender confusion brings life to anyone. Studies show that those who mutilate themselves in order to live in an alternative reality are never fulfilled. Fulfillment comes from within ourselves from our ability to decide to be fulfilled. Fulfillment can never truly be realized through manipulating the physical world outside of us but rather it is attained from within and does not depend on geography or form. I believe that tinkering with our genetics and other technology before we are fully aware of all of the ramifications can also lead to our own destruction. I believe that the popularity of these concepts are a byproducts of the disease of the mind that is lead exclusively by the selfish nature of the “feeling” component that dominates many in our culture today. Reason and careful consideration of potential and unpredictable consequences are abandon for the feel good moment that can be perceived right now and that will fade as quickly as it came in the first place.

These new modalities of confusion are only byproducts of the fight between the levels of human consciousness. The question is… who will win this classic fight? If feeling alone wins then the human race will self implode and human beings will be ‘dis-integrated’ which is representative of the culture of the mainstream that fights for relevance and promotes chaos. Unless there is an intervention of some kind by a higher being, God, then I believe the human race as we know it will soon become extinct. The Holy Spirit is a Christian concept that is the manifestation of thinking and behavior which brings life that leverages the totality of the human being rather than feeling alone and by itself. The human race could really use the Holy Spirit now.

By Eric Majors, Click Here to help support the Eric Majors Show!


Letter of Non-Recomendation for James Comey, By Eric Majors, EricMajors.com

Dear Potential Employers of James Comey,

With FBI Directors like Comey who needs the Russians to destroy our country or manipulate the President? If you were the President of ANYTHING would want Comey on your team? Instead of communicating with you and helping to keep you out of trouble he would secretly question your motives and take secret memos of your meetings when he thinks that you might be asking him to do something wrong then leak as much as possible to the press to try to get you arrested if you fire him. What kind of employee does that to his boss, the President of the USA after telling the President that he would always be honest with him?

Comey and other swamp creatures like him want the President to fail no matter how much it hurts our country, the citizens and all the people that voted for Trump.

Comey is an incompetent employee in particular as a communicator, team member and a lawyer. He would be a liability to any President or boss in authority over him. His failures have damaged both political parties and who knows how many others.

If Comey is representative of the type of people that we have running the government then it’s no wonder everything is upside down.

If you are considering hiring Comey for any job, the consider that it’s the difference between haivng an employee working to help support his boss or working to destroy his boss by creating the perception of impropriety based on vague conversations and unconfirmed presumptions of bad intention if Comey doesn’t like you.

For example, if Comey didn’t like Trump and suspected Trump of bad character he should have resigned rather than plotting against him behind his back then leaking vague possibilities to the press to cause further damage. In my opinion Comey’s actions raise to the level of sedition. Obviously Trump read that Comey was not loyal and fired him.

Loyalty in the cesspool of politics means, “help support me, keep me informed and protect me from myself when necessary and help protect me from negative press that all my enemies seek to create to use to advertise against me.” Comey did just the opposite. Comey stated that he would be honest with the President. By making secret notes and not sharing his concerns about his relationship directly with the President he was not being his own word, he was acting secretly against the President when he assured the President he would be honest.

According to the Constitution of the USA Trump is THE top law enforcement official in the USA and has the authority to halt any investigation without needing any specific reason at any time, in the same way a prosecutor might decide not to prosecute. Not withstanding, Trump gave no specific order of any kind but is now accused of being suspected of giving an order and accused of having suspecious intentions about the possible order that he did not give but somehow had hoped to maybe give in the future? To expect law enforcement officials like Trump not to discuss the merits and their opinions of the cases is impractical because those discussions happen every day and previous U.S. Presidents have publicly and privately stopped many investigations in the past or given pardons.

A person of the caliber of the Director of the FBI is expected to support his boss and inform him when he suspects his boss is not acting properly, not attempt to build a dossier against him or hire someone else to do it for him as Comey attempted to do.  As part of his office Comey had a responsibility to clarify (by speaking) with Trump to openly determine what his real intentions are and then share with Trump (warn his boss) if Comey believed that Trump is overstepping his authority and/or such meetings are inappropriate. Comey had a responsibility to inform Trump that Comey would have to report any such meetings or request to the Department of Justice. But instead, Comey kept a secret payback file and pretended to be scared and intimidated by Trump. Instead of initiating an investigation while Comey was Director of the FBI, he gave Trump Comey waited until after he was fired by Trump to use an unorthodox proceedure of leaking information from his government files to the press in order to attempt to have a special council appointed after he previously decided not to ask for a special council in the first place as he was required by law to do if he felt there was impropriety.

The question is, would you want someone like Comey working for you who would not be completely open and honest with you but rather attempt to build a case against you? No President of any country or business could be successful under those conditions. Trump has so many swamp creatures like Comey surrounding him that we don’t need Russia to bring down the Presidency, we already have the Judas’s from within that will not even allow the President to do the things that at least 50% of the people of this country voted for him to do.

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