The Biggest “Dirty Little Secret” that Leads to Injustice in U.S. Courts Every Single Day in the USA

Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to fight to maintain her position in the U.S. Supreme Court in spite of all of the treatments and medications she has received and the well known negative side effects that are certain to impair her mental ability to perform her job, from short term memory loss to many other negative effects on cognitive thinking. Her efforts to hang on to her position by her finger nails is being lauded by many people as an admirable. I think that this is a teachable moment. I’ve directly experience the horrific results that occur and the destruction of peoples lives that occur when a Federal Judge’s decisions are negatively effected by health conditions, including old age and adverse effects from medication that impairs their judgement, even to the objection of both defendants and prosecutors. This is a serious problem that is painfully prevalent in the United States Judiciary where some elderly judges fall asleep in court and routinely forget which case they are hearing and passing judgement.
We don’t let Pilots fly aircraft without passing stringent medical examinations and they are routinely grounded because of the effects of various medications and medical procedures that in can negatively impact their ability to think clearly. We ground pilots whose thinking can be impaired by medical conditions and prescription drugs, including certain chemo therapy that effect their thinking. We ground medically unfit pilots because of the risk of direct damage that can be caused to passengers and people on the ground and in other planes if a pilot crashes a plane because they were mentally of physically impaired.
Like airline Pilots, Judges, also have immense responsibility over the lives of people including the authority to imprison people, take money and property form people and corporations and even prevent Presidential directives designed to protect lives and safety. Medically and mentally impaired judges whose thinking is impaired by medical procedures, prescription drugs and old age also pose a substantial negative risk on society and the people and their respective families and employees upon whom they pass judgement and yet there is little or nothing done about this fact.
There are laws that are designed to allow for redress of cases and removal of judges whose mental faculties can be called into question, yet these laws are almost never used by defendants or prosecutors even in cases where Judges are obviously impaired even according to the standards of any causal observer.
When are we going to stop lauding Ginsburg as a hero for putting our Supreme Court at risk and instead of use this as a teachable moment and address the elephant in our court systems in the USA that constitutes one of the Biggest Dirty Little Secret’s that undermines the U.S. Courts every day and leads to unnecessary destruction of peoples lives by too many Judges who are mentally unfit for service.  Pundits of all political parties should be concerned about this issue and encourage Ms. Ginsburg to do the right thing and resign rather than fight to do the wrong thing for political reasons.

Surgeon Generals Warning About Social Media & Personal Responsibility

In order to keep the internet free from censorship and remove governments and social media companies from the position to dictate what is appropriate content, here is a new warning that I propose be placed at the gateway of all social media platforms that should be required to click in agreement to before gaining access to the websites or apps.  I call this the Self Responsibility requirement.

WARNING: The data and messages contained in the posts, videos and links that you are accessing using our site may be offensive and can not be confirmed as true and factual and should only be considered as entertainment and not as a news outlet. In general we only remove content that we become aware of that involves or is related to the commission of a legal offense. By using and interacting with this platform you confirm that you will take responsibility for your own feelings and thinking by not engaging in negative behavior as a result of any thing that may seem offensive to you. By using this platform you understand and acknowledge that your interaction with this platform may have negative effects on your mental and physical health, including paranoia, nervousness, addiction, depression, obesity, blindness and other negative symptoms that have yet to be determined.  Those who believe that they are being negatively effected by use of this site should seek help from a qualified medical or mental health care professional. For resources who can help you overcome addiction click here. Users of this website and the information contained within understand and agree to allow for the possibility that their interaction with this website may result in the collection, storage and sale of their personal information including, personal pictures, statements, contact lists, emails, messages and may also include random eavesdropping  of their conversations and actions in video and audio recordings that may be analyzed and interpretation stored and sold.  By Clicking Here you agree and may enter this website (or App).

Today there is a great debate about what social media companies should do about offensive material and fake news on their platforms and we are dangerously close to allowing these very same businesses to become the new thought police and editors and arbiters of what is moral and not moral in our society.  Do you really want big business, government or anyone to take on that role?  What is considered offensive to one person may actually be a valid point based on fact.  History shows even the most causal observer that relegating the authority of policing thoughts, content and freedom of expression to any group of people can lead to dangerous outcomes such as those experienced by the rise of the Soviet and Nazi empires.

Unfortunately, our efforts to enact laws to curtail our Facebook data from being used as a weapons against us will most likely result in governments and their intelligence agencies being the only ones who can use the tools for Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops). There is valid concerned that no matter what laws are passed in the US or in the EU there will always be governments and intelligence agencies, including those in the US and in the EU that will ultimately be the ONLY ones of have use of our online data to launch campaigns to manipulate our minds and behavior without anyone else being able to offer a counter campaign.

Not having anybody else with the capability of free expression (no matter how negatively it may be perceived) will prevent any chain of manipulation from being broken. Crazy as it sounds, I think it’s bad to have governments be the only arbiters who can decide what information campaigns should be launched against us and for that reason I am not apposed to people having the ability to launch “dis-information” campaigns themselves. To me this vital ability for people to have the right to resist manipulation by government or any other group is so fundamental to the human species that it has been recognized throughout history and encapsulated and memorialized in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which allows for people to say what they like no matter how offense it may appear.

Again, this right of free expression is particularly essential to prevent totalitarian governments from taking control by silencing peoples speech and censoring peoples books using force of law as did happen when the Soviets then the Nazi’s took power.  The message of those who were against the Communists of the Soviet Union and against the Nazi’s was prevented from being expressed by force of law. In the the case of the Soviet Union speaking up for the wealthy became an unpopular position that lead to execution because the communist movement was about making people economically equal by force of law.  In the case of the Nazi’s the majority of those living in Germany at the time found the arguments in favor of the Jewish population to be offensive to mainstream thought at the time.  In retrospect we can easily see the propensity for a majority people to be wrong headed and believe right speaking is offensive.  Sadly this scenario is being played out again in our modern society in regards to issues like Pro-Life and illegal immigration where large groups of people are offended and seek to physically harm and use force of law to squelch members of Pro-Life movements and movements to protect the USA from an invasion of illegal foreign migrants.  Rather than simply acknowledge and allow both sides to speak their beliefs there are some who are actually calling for the government to step in and require someone to decide what is true and false and enforce “hate speech” rules online.

Often Facebook has been proven to be bias because their arbiters in charge of removing content that may appear offensive to some are removing content that is part of the ideology of an equal number of people who do not find the content offensive.  Thus, if any laws are passed I think they should be passed in order to stop FaceBook and YouTube from becoming the thought police themselves and the editors of what is moral and not moral. Instead I propose that laws be created to expressly forbid them from censoring any posts without declaring that they are publishers.  The only posts that should be removed should be those that are posted by criminals, or that aid in the breaking of laws or depict actual crimes.

Rather than social media giants such as FaceBook continuing to risk making these kinds of mistakes or worse being appointed by law makers to be forced to make such moral determinations it would seem that it is necessary for the users of the platform to agree as a pre-requisit to using the service that understand and agree that they may be exposed to false and offensive stories and opinions that are not necessarily those of the management of the social media provider and that users must agree that they are capable of handling exposure to offensive material.  Considering all of the other concessions that users agree to in order to use such sites, including literally giving up their personal rights to privacy, it should hardly be a stretch to impose some form of personal responsibility upon the users to also have them agree that they should not expect the removal of any content that they find offensive, other than material that is part of depicting a crime scene or otherwise used for criminal purposes.

Users of social media should be required to take responsibility for their own reactions to posts if for no other reason because it is literally impossible for social media platforms to know what may be considered offensive for each and every user.  What ever happened to Personal Responsibility?

Rather than require Face Book, YouTube to continue to fail us as they already do by attempting to be the arbiters and editors of the data being posted, I think that simply educating people about the dangers of social media should be far better requirement and would introduce less bias and liability and prevent the need for the creation of any thought police or attempts to decide which posts are offensive or not.

I think that the only logical way to deal with the problem of offensive social media posts and fake news would be to place the responsibility for each persons own feelings and interpretations of social media back in the hands of users of social media websites themselves.  In order to foster peace and freedom of expression and to eventually arrive at the truth sooner rather than later it is essential for people to be able to view messages that may sound offensive to themselves and others.

To solve the problem I suggest simply having a box for people to check before they proceed to access social media websites that requires them to acknowledge that they may view offensive material and to agree to a WARNING that plainly and simply makes sure that everyone who agrees to use social media is aware that the platforms are for entertainment only and should not be considered as factual or news worthy and that they may see offensive material.

Furthermore additional warnings should be provided in order to access social media pages because scientists, doctors and health advocacy groups and even social media companies themselves like FaceBook have all acknowledged that there are negative health risks associated with the use of their products.  Everyone already publicly acknowledges  that information presented social media platforms is not necessary factual and can not be determined to be factual in many cases (in other words they are opinion based or presented as possibilities).  Everyone already publicly acknowledges that information on such sites may be intentionally manipulative.  The law requires that cigarettes and other products and services that may have known potential health risks must be accompanied with a warning (such as the surgeon General’s warning on Cigarettes).

Instead of making social media and corporations responsible for discerning truth from false hood the best way would be to simply make laws that take social media giants and big corporations out of the drivers seat of editing or restricting content and instead simply require companies like FaceBook and other social media outlets like Google and Youtube put disclaimers and warnings on each and every post or at least at the gateway to accessing their websites that inform those who use the platforms of the potentially false and harmful nature of the material being posted.

WARNING: The data and messages contained in the posts, videos and links that you are accessing using our site may be offensive and can not be confirmed as true and factual and should only be considered as entertainment and not as a news outlet. In general we only remove content that we become aware of that involves or is related to the commission of a legal offense. By using and interacting with this platform you confirm that you will take responsibility for your own feelings and thinking by not engaging in negative behavior as a result of any thing that may seem offensive to you. By using this platform you understand and acknowledge that your interaction with this platform may have negative effects on your mental and physical health, including paranoia, nervousness, addiction, depression, obesity, blindness and other negative symptoms that have yet to be determined.  Those who believe that they are being negatively effected by use of this site should seek help from a qualified medical or mental health care professional. For resources who can help you overcome addiction click here. Users of this website and the information contained within understand and agree to allow for the possibility that their interaction with this website may result in the collection, storage and sale of their personal information including, personal pictures, statements, contact lists, emails, messages and may also include random eavesdropping  of their conversations and actions in video and audio recordings that may be analyzed and interpretation stored and sold.  By Clicking Here you agree and may enter this website (or App).

Why Should We Care?

Recently, in response to the text of my article, “The U.S. Flag is Permanently Appropriated by the Republic in All Formats” a friend of mine on Facebook who holds some apposing view points to mine asked me why I was all worked up. My friend asked me why I should even care about some specific issues that she named. When my response became lengthy I decided I was worth putting it in this article.

I understand that some hate President Trump and recoil at his negative talk. Sometimes I don’t like the way President Trump speaks myself so I understand. In fact, I get angry because I don’t think that President Trump goes far enough to educate people when he speaks especially considering the forces that act publicly against President Trump and more importantly that act against the United States at the same time. I’ll speak a lot more about why I support President Trump in another article. For this article, I just want to give some honest answers to a dear friend of mine who asked.

I don’t have time to address every question that some on Face Book ask me, but here are some answers to some of the questions that are raised in regards to why do I (Eric) care or “Why should any of us care?” Please keep in mind my answers do not necessarily address the totality of good reason.

Q. “If someone wants to be a chick what the hell do you care for? If someone doesn’t agree with your sexual orientation, or anything that is none of your business.”

A. It is my business, and yours because today there are people who are passing laws and using force of law in order to allow boys and men to join women’s sports and dominate the sports because of their masculine biology. These laws and rules are created and based on a lie and yet they are being propagated in public schools by bathroom use based on preferred gender and enforced by law and misguided judges even while the medical community still debates the consequences. The lie is that we have the technology to turn a man into a woman and vise versa. The truth is that we do not. Simply taking some hormones and sewing up some flesh does not turn a man into a woman, nor is it the governments job to force us to pretend that it does. As a direct result of these insane rules, court rulings and these broken ways of thinking we have women being disenfranchised and discriminated against in ways that would previously have been unimaginable. (

Furthermore, I care because the mainstream media is increasingly taking joy in persecuting people who do not subscribe to the homosexual lifestyle as well as any other lifestyles and opinions that mainstream commentators hypocritically endorse. In other words, it’s not enough anymore for me or anyone else to be tolerant, instead we are supposed to now endorse lifestyles to which we do not subscribe ( I’m not against gay people or anyone else that is not against me. Live and let live as far as I’m concerned, the problem arises when I’m not being allowed to speak my own thoughts and live my own life because of active haters who claim that others hate but in reality are burning with uncontrollable violence themselves.

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:

Should I also be forced to use my tax money to pay for gender re-assignment of people who want the surgery in the military and in prisons when I don’t even support gender re-assignment for anyone? I believe that people should learn to love themselves as they are and that gender re-assignment practices of today are barbaric and many scientists agree that the practices do not necessarily lead to healthy outcomes (

Do you want to live in a country where the government can force you to falsely claim that men are women, when in fact they still have the male chromosomes? Do you want to live in a country where men can enter girls locker rooms because they “feel” like they are women now? Do you want to live in a country where the government takes a position on the mental health of young children while it’s still being debated in the medical community? (

Is it the governments job to dictate to us what is still being debated by medical doctors and scientists and has not been fully studied?

Is it OK for me to be straight and make public statements that do not endorse homosexuality?

Q. “If someone doesn’t agree with your religion… move on.”

A. My faith, Christianity precludes me from using “force” to make someone believe in God, so I don’t do that? I’m not aware of any mainstream Christians that do use force as a means to convert someone to Christ.

What I do fight against are dangerous cults like Islam, and the misinformation that was previously being spread by our own government when terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood successfully infiltrated and influenced our government during the Bush Presidency and threatened Bush with war if he did not declare in public that “Islam is Peace.” The misinformation is that the faith of Islam is a religion of peace, but the truth is that the doctrine of the Koran when followed to it’s written conclusion requires followers to engage in physical acts of violence against non-believers as well as women. The religion also promotes lying to achieve this goals, oppression and enslavement of non-believers, wife beating, and numerous acts of terrorism and violence. The religion of Islam is 180 degrees apposed to the Judeo Christian values embodied in the U.S. Constitution and U.S. form of government. Islam has it’s own form of government that seeks to supplant all other forms of government which makes it a direct threat to the U.S. and many other countries. Everywhere Islam sprouts up there is loss of civil rights, death, liberty and destruction ensues. Simply look at any county in the Middle East that is based on Islam. Today this dangerous cult is being promoted in your neighborhood.

Have a look here: This website is the real news about atrocities inspired by Islam every day. Find me any other religion that is the cause of the kind of sustained suffering and death that Islam encourages. And people wonder why the Crusades took place against Islam in the past. Now perhaps people will recognize that the Crusades of the past were in response to the ISIS of that time.

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:
Do you believe that there should be no intervention and education to help re-
educate and offer people alternatives from the influence of dangerous cults? Are you OK with your government lying to you about Islam and the threat that is poses on our own form of government and citizens? Tell me any country in the world where Islam is the dominant religion where you would rather live than in the USA?

Q. “If some 23 year old woman gets knocked up and chooses not to have that child. It’s NOT YOUR PROBLEM. It’s hers. It’s her decision. Unless you are going to pay for that baby’s birth and adopt it.”

A. Because I was not aborted I care about the lives of all unborn children. If you can prove to me that there is no God, and no Spirit associated with a fertilized embryo then I won’t care about that unborn child. If you can find me the scientist who can tell me when a fertilized human embryo actually becomes a sentient being with it’s own rights to life then I won’t care.

If I don’t care about the life in general or I hate my life then I don’t care about that unborn child.

The only way for me to not care about that unborn child is for me to pretend that I am God, and that I know exactly when that unborn child is sentient. Because I am willing to admit that I am not God and willing to admit that I do not to know the answers to these fundamental questions then I believe that I should err on the side of caution and also to fight for the lives of these children.

My tax money has already gone towards abortions even though I object to the practice, so it affects me and you. Planned Parent Hood one of the biggest providers of abortions in the USA was funded by our federal tax dollars. So it affects you and I financially.

Currently there are debates in states laws to allow for children to be killed after being born. Seems logical enough, but do you honestly believe that this practice will not someday make it’s way into the legalized practice of death for adults as well? The more we devalue life as a practice the less life and quality of life we will have. It’s human nature.

In regards to preventing abortion and caring for mothers who are pregnant and my involvement I have an active roll along with many of my Christian brothers and Sisters in providing alternatives to young women other than abortion, including tangible help with money, food, living space, baby supplies, education, etc.. This year alone we have saved over 19 babies that I know of personally. Here are some of the groups that I work with: ,

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:

Do you want your government to take your tax money if it were against your will to fund abortions? Do you want your government to assume the mantle of Godhood by passing laws that pretend that the government knows answers to questions that nobody knows, like does God exist and when is an unborn child a sentient being?

In order for you to be comfortable with the killing of unborn babies you would have to act as God yourself and know, without any doubt when is an unborn child a sentient being. Have you unknowingly promoted yourself to the status of God without any fear of the repercussions to you if you are wrong in your support of abortion? Are you acting on the advise of some scientist or self proclaimed authority who pretends to definitively know the answer to these questions that nobody knows? In other words are you acting out of convenience on misinformation not caring enough to think more carefully about the impact to your own Spirit or even your own physical person?

Are you OK with the fact that the practice of abortion help promotes irresponsible sexual promiscuity?

Q. “If a man chooses to kneel for the anthem look the other way and you stand. You can’t force anyone to see and feel the way you do. This is what I don’t get.”

A. Does a man who kneels at the anthem want people to ignore him or does he want to send a message or educate people about his opinion? Does a man who kneels at the anthem want to gain support and encourage people to think as he does? Does a man who kneels at the anthem force people to “see it his way?”

I’m not trying to force anyone to see and feel it the way I do, I’m trying to share with others how I experience the event. You are free to see and feel it any way you like, but I’m guessing that some people who read my posts have never recognized things about it that I’m sharing. So I share my opinion in the hope that it might raise questions in the minds of the reader and that they might understand why some people may be justified in their distain for the practice of smearing our home the USA.

No government including the USA is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but right now the images that represent the best things we have going for us are meant to unite us behind causes of life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Disparaging these images creates conflict and resolves nothing.

When it comes to kneeling at the anthem and disrespecting the U.S. Flag, I feel that those are misplaced methods of dealing with anger. Are we angry at Betsy Ross, the Declaration of Independence that declares all men to be created equal? Are we angry at the U.S. Constitution which allows people to burn the flag and kneel at the anthem? Do you think of white supremacist groups and slavery when you see the Betsy Ross flag (because I don’t)?

Would you go into a church and spit on the cross while people are taking communion in order to protest all the sin in the world? Would it make sense to do so?

I fully support and defend the U.S. Form of government and the ideals and values for which it stands as they are laid out specifically in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These are the “values” of a government that enables you and I to openly disagree without shutting us down and throwing us in prison. And so I will defend those values for as long as I’m allowed.

Say what you want to about Colin Kaepernick and I will say this about Colin Kaepernick and nike and all of his supporters and those that he supports. Regardless of his education, intentions, ignorance or intelligence his protest and his supporters have aligned themselves directly against the United States Flag, the Anthem and all that those objects stand for including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the very concept that all men are created equal that ended slavery. Colin Kaepernick should be kissing the flag and bowing down to it and thanking it for ending slavery.

Instead, Colin Kaepernick has openly positioned himself against police and in favor of other communist dictators. Colin Kaepernick and nike have now attempted to smear the image of the U.S. Flag and pretend that they can dictate who has appropriated the symbols all in order for them to achieve the goal of making people think of slavery and white supremacist nut cases when they see an American flag. This is part of the goals of much larger and bigger enemies of the United States. I resent their failed attempt to associate our flag with slavery and white nationalists and now I am pushing back right at them because I will defend something that I believe in while they disparage it.

Whether it is intentional or not Colin Kaepernick and nike have presented themselves as anti-Americans and I care about America.

I wish everyone who reads this article would care about preserving America as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution because if you fail to do so, then you may find yourself in a country that is not America. If the enemies of the USA win the hearts and minds of people who just fail to care and stay on top of current events this can happen.  The enemies of the USA already own a majority of News, Media and Entertainment businesses in the USA as well as certain key politicians and a vast majority of teachers and college campuses in the USA and they are actively working to divide and disrupt the US Citizens and influence and change our form of government. In my next article I will show you some of what the enemies of the United States are doing and how they are succeeding in some cases and why President Trump, like him or hate him, really is our last greatest defense against the enemies from within.

Until my next article I encourage people to view this documentary The Enemies Within. This documentary provides some insight into the level of infiltration that has occurred in the USA and in our government and schools by the enemies of democracy while we fell asleep thinking that the Soviet Union was no longer a threat. The documentary also tells us what we can do to help stop the infiltration of our government by our enemies by seeking to restore FBI background checks on members of our Congress and Senate who wish to be eligible to serve on any committees.

The U.S. Flag is Permanently Appropriated to the U.S. Republic In All Formats

The United States Flag in any format is not open to be “appropriated” by any particular group or cause, not by management of nike or colin kapperinic or any groups who wear it or display it. It was appropriated a long time ago. It is the property of the U.S. Republic and the People for which it stands, one nation, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. It is a symbol which stands for all men and women being created equal with rights and that was responsible for the ending of slavery. I’m sorry that nike and a failed communist athlete who hates police and is ashamed of the United States and that nike endorses is confused. To clear up any confusion let’s all proudly display U.S. Flag which is not a symbol of nazi’s or anyone or anything other than of the values embodied within the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Let’s all agree to display it proudly in spite of the ignorance that seems to exist among the scared and uneducated people living in the United States.

Why Do Some People Hate America?

A friend of mine on Facebook, a good man as far as I have experienced, was expressing some disdain for the U.S.A. in a post. I commented on his post by saying, “Why all this hate for the USA?” He then responded to me with this question: “Why do you think people hate America? Do you think the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, & Amos hated Israel?”

My answer was too long for a Facebook Comment (apparently there is an 8,000 word limit). So I thought my response was important enough that I should just post it as an article here and just send my friend the link.

My hope is that people who read this will see an opportunity for us to put the differences of our skin colors aside for a while in order to work together as one united people to save our Government from the corrupt celebrity politicians who have been running it into the ground, Democrat and Republican, “Establishment” and new “Woke” politicians alike. They are all failing us and lowering themselves to new lows and instead of taking responsibility for their own actions like adults, they resort to blaming each others grotesque behaviors as a reason for their own depravity, like spoiled children.  

So here goes my answer to the question…

I love you brother and I pray for you and everyone in this, the greatest country that this broken world has today, even in so much as our BROKEN elected human officials are abusing the power given to all of them in pursuit of their own celebrity and self indulgence, and I mean almost every single one of them. But the USA is STILL the best out there that this broken world has to offer and I believe we should defend the country and help the people get back on the right path rather than condemn the country or the people.

No. I don’t think that the Prophets hated Israel at all. I think the Prophets loved Israel and were trying to save the people who had lost their way so that they could continue to live in the land that God provided for them.

I don’t think the Prophets wanted to leave Israel or were condemning Israel, I think they were warning the people and trying to get them to repent because the Prophets loved the people and cared for them so much that they risked the rocks hurled at them by the grown up “children” who rejected and hated them for telling them the truth that the broken people did not want to hear. The Prophets loved the people of Israel so that the land of Israel given to them by God would not be desecrated and ultimately destroyed by the sins (selfishness) of the undisciplined people who had lost their way, probably because things were going too well for them. Human beings who have it too good tend to develop a mindset of entitlement.

See Ezekiel 36, Ezekiel was instructed to actually speak to the land and the mountains. So I don’t think that the Prophets hated Israel at all and for the same reasons I also don’t think that anyone should hate the United States.

People judge each other by their actions, but God knows that there intentions. When I went to Prison and suffered for my own personal failures I experienced and believe that God was generous to me and my family and made a way for us as God does today because God knew my intentions, he knew I did not steal from anyone, nor did I intend to commit any offense even though technically I did and I was not as wise as I am today (which isn’t saying much). That’s powerful. The Lord did not make me suffer too long or unnecessarily as my fellow people had intended for me to suffer by using their broken courts, prisons and man’s law. Because the Lord does know our true hearts and sees things that man can not I believe the Lord sees into our hearts as he continues to do in mine.

Slavery was a horrible thing, but I do not believe that slavery has anything to do with the intentions behind the formation of the United States, the land and the country. Please hear me on this, it’s important because I believe that many well intention-ed people are pointing the finger in the wrong place because they are being used by anger and sorrow and so we are all loosing out on something very obvious that could unite us instead of continuing to try to divide us. I also believe that many people are being used by an actual effort by the many enemies of the United States who collectively wage psychological warfare on U.S. Citizens and spend money to get us to hate each other (and no, I’m not talking about Trump).

I believe the United States is a Holy place today because when those broken, but smart old “white” guys, wrote the Declaration of Independence and the associated Constitution, they honored God (the Creator) and actually mentioned God in the documents. How many other countries in this world today are founded on documents that references our Creator and God and had/has on their currency “In God We Trust.”

I love THE VALUES of the United States AS WRITTEN in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that have made this country the most powerful country on Earth and the envy of almost everyone in every other country who seeks a better life. No country is perfect. That’s because of man and the fact that governments are only as good as the people running them. But ponder this for a moment… I believe God in heaven blesses the USA even when broken people are running it because the founders simply featured God in the founding documents of the United States.

Think about this, “white” old slave owners (scholars for their time) sat down and wrote a document that said things like, “All Men are created Equal…” and “Liberty and Justice.” They didn’t say, “Big government in your face to tell you how to think, how to feel, how to spend your money..,” those are all broken ideas that never work.

But then as a result of those words written by slave owners God made their intentions real and slavery ended up being overcome through a Civil War where THE UNITED STATES prevailed… NOT the Confederacy… The Confederacy did not win that war. God saw the intentions of the founding fathers of this country and as a result every-time there is an injustice and every time someone is deprived of LIBERTY, and THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES or is OPRESSED BY THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE GOVERNMENT… where do we turn to in the USA to seek justice? The Constitution.

Always, the Constitution. Always, the Declaration of Independence. Then the end to Jim Crow laws… Then an entire generation growing up without really having to consider racism, until now people and even Pastors are teaching it to them in their churches and on TV and even broken law makers.

The Constitution is not about freebies and a free ride and creating and worshiping a human made Government to wipe our behinds like babies and tell us how to care for ourselves and what to say, how we should speak. That is not the place of any Government on Earth and every form of government that has taken that course has failed. The stronger government rules over people the faster that government fails and people reject it.

The place for people to learn and to be taught and to be held accountable for their actions is in Churches, not by force of law that only creates a false adherence at best and is no replacement for True Religion. In the words of Jesus we find salvation and life, the only best thing government can give to us is Liberty. Once you try to turn ANY important duty over to the Government to Police or Provide, then look out, you’re gonna be screwed. That’s why the U.S. is so powerful, because of LIBERTY, FREEDOM of CHOICE, the right for each individual to pursue happiness in their own way and collectively. But there is always evil to infiltrate our minds if we are not vigilant and it seeks to disrupt the U.S. form of government and make people beg for more leadership and kings against the will of God as in the days when people begged for a King to rule over Israel.

You shouldn’t be hating the United States or it’s lands or it’s people, or burning or spitting or kneeling at the FLAG, you should be wrapping yourself in that Flag of the United States and thanking God that we live in a Country where the foundation and it’s documents are so intertwined with God that they even overcame the sins of the founders who wrote them by ending slavery. You should be thanking God for the United States where you are free to speak your mind on any street corner as long as you don’t hurt anyone. You should thank God you live in a country where you are free to have these conversations and call the President an ass if you feel like it and in a country where the President can call someone else an ass if he feels like it. The only thing that we have to unite us in this country is the founding documents themselves, the land, the symbols. Every time you crap on those great U.S. symbols that represent the ideals that so many citizens gave their lives to defend you divide us further, for no reason.

The United States, the Flag, the founding documents, the principals and VALUES AS DEFINED in them represent specific ideals that we should all be rallying around, Black, White, Asian, whatever, American Citizens all. The Principals as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is what unites us and ends oppression and government overreach into our lives and religion. These ideals and their symbols are deserving of respect and everyone who gave their lives, slaves, free people all who fought side by side to create this country should be honored and respected.

Is the country perfect? No country or thing forged by human beings is perfect, NONE. But the U.S. is the best thing out there because of it’s construct and founding documents that acknowledge God and acknowledge that man and government are fallable and are not God and can never replace God. Can we lose this country? YES. But it should not be because you place your blame on the UNITED STATES…or the FLAG… or some lines in a national anthem that can simply be crossed out and removed by a simple act of congress because those lines contradict the values of the Constitution itself… That is the beauty of this country.

Would you go into any church and walk up and spit on the cross because you are angry with all of the sin (selfishness) in the world? If not spit on the cross because Jesus has not overcome all the sin commited in the world then don’t tear down the United States and it’s flag and teach people to hate “whitie” and be afraid of people of any color just because there are a hand full of criminals in the USA that you don’t like.

It’s time for us all to rally around the Flag and the Constitution and remove the offending lines form the anthem and be united as best we can, not complain and demand speech and money from each other. Those are the ways of Godless countries with Socialist and Communist doctrines that reject God and seek to install one group of broken people over another to create a false, forced peace. Let’s be united with each other, Black, White, everyone. Let’s celebrate each others differences and not tear each other down anymore.

Let’s start measuring people by the Content of their Character on an individual basis instead of living with an unhealthy fixation on race and looking at every issue in regards to how it relates to the color of our skin. If you continue down that road, we will never, ever be united, we will always be divided and we will never overcome the hatred that embodies the word, “Racist”. No, Hillary Clinton, we are not all inherently racist as you profess that we are when speaking for yourself. There are many people who have consciously replaced racism with love a long time ago.

Be angry with the people who deserve to hear what is on your mind all you want, that’s good… but love them… seek to overcome their ignorance with love an patience, not by imposing your own anger and sorrow back on them. A war will never end until one side lays down it’s arms. You can do that at any time, it’s up to every individual to do that over and over again and it’s our duty as Christians to love each other, not teach our children to hate each other.

God is what makes the U.S. Great and the further the U.S. moves away from God, the more likely it is that the Country will fail. If you like Liberty and Justice then you like the principals of the USA and you like God:

2 Corinthians 3:17. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.

2 Corinthians 3:17 (From the KJV) Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY (emancipation from bondage, freedom).

James 1.25. But the one who looks intently into the perfect law of FREEDOM, and continues to do so— not being a forgetful hearer, but an effective doer— he will be blessed in what he does.

Again, I love you. And whether you agree with me or not. I love you. I want us all to get along with each other in the USA because in spite of everything, the U.S. CITIZENS are strong because of our form of government and because we are strong we are the most generous people in the world. And unfortunately with great power comes great mistakes too, but let’s not abandon this great nation, let’s put aside the differences in our color to save this country for our children and ourselves.

Debunked, “Drugs mostly come through the ports of entry.”

Debunked, “Drugs mostly come through the ports of entry.”
By Eric Majors (

If you’re like me you wonder how it happens so consistently that arguments presented by the left in order to defend their positions end up actually being arguments that favor their opponents.  We all remember the ignorant Jim Acosta of CNN who famously stood near a U.S. border wall intending to show that there was no crisis at the border but ended up demonstrating that walls appear to make U.S. towns safer and peaceful.

Perhaps you’ve also herd another tired left wing argument that for some reason has still gone unchallenged until now.  The argument that has remarkably been gaining in usage on the left and their mainstream propaganda media machine proclaims that there is no need to increase border security because,  “Illegal drugs ‘mostly come through the ports of entry’ at the border, one senior administration official testified before Congress last year. In other words, most of the drugs that enter the country come through established border checkpoints, hidden in vehicles and then distributed throughout the country.”

Amazingly this, as yet unchallenged assertion continues to be a talking point that has become one of the centerpiece arguments of the Democrat politicians and in particular Nancy Pelosi and is ignorantly being used by politicians on the left in order to help form their public policy and law making.

There’s a obvious problem with this argument that that appears to have escaped notice by virtually everyone much to my frustration.  So I’m calling it out and saying how sad it is that the Democrats anger with Trump forces them take and defend irrational and counter intuitive positions. Again and again we find that Democrats are so overwhelmed by their own frustration that they are taking every opposing position against the President no matter how obviously they become conflicted with reality.  Once again we find Democrats being forced to attempt to bend logic in their favor by grasping on to counter-intuitive arguments, no matter how insane without realizing how much their own anger for President Trump is influencing their behavior to the detriment of everyone.

Of course Border Patrol finds more contraband at ports of entry.   That’s because:

1. Drugs and human traffickers are being caught wherever there is a higher concentration of border patrol enforcement officers who are properly equipped as is the case at the points of entry.

2. Nobody can possibly know the amount of drugs and human trafficking slaves are coming across the U.S. border in places where there is no adequate border enforcement.  This is exactly why the border patrol is asking for more walls, and resources to plug up the gaps. (click here for more).

3. We do know that on average at least one attempted migrant per day is begin found dead their bodies decayed for weeks in some areas because they are not running into any border agents in those areas, because obviously there is not enough border enforcement resources (click here for more). Nobody really knows how many more migrants who are losing their lives are not found due to lack of Border Patrol resources to increase searching and rescue operations (for more information see).   These deaths are another reason why President Trump created an executive that attempted to encourage would be illegal migrants to at least go to ports of entry so they wouldn’t get lost and die in the deserts.   Instead of working with the President to help reduce migrants dying in the desert Democrats funded court battles that successfully defeated the Presidents executive order which encouraged illegal migrants to take dangerous routes outside of the formal ports of entry.  In this case the Democrats hasty policy of funding attacks on the Presidents border protection polices, no matter what they are, resulted in the death by dehydration of at least one child migrant.  Democrats hastily tried to blame President Trump and Border Patrol for the death of the child. But once again the Democrats hast to wag the finger lead even more people to realize that responsibility for the deaths of these poor people are largely a result of the Democrats lack of cooperation with the President and reluctance to provide more funding for humanitarian aid and search and rescue capabilities to the Border Patrol as requested (for more information see).

4.  Until we plug up the gaps in the Southern U.S. border with more enforcement, including walls more migrants will die and it it’s impossible for anyone to know the quantity of drugs that are coming through those gaps.  Walls are begin requested in so few areas and they are critical to discourage people from trying to enter the U.S. illegally and to force those who try to use routes where they can more easily be found by Border Patrol.  Walls can not be used everywhere sometimes for good reasons and in those cases other technology can be used. While walls are not welcomed by some Native American’s whose reservations actually extend through the Mexico border, even Native American’s who live on the border are willing and trying to work with Border Patrol because even Native Americans do attest that the border is not secure and they and many others suffer as a result (click here for more).

I am now formally calling out this left wing argument as officially debunked by common sense.  I am also recognizing it as yet another argument made by Democrats (and thank you for that) that favors President Trump’s policies.  When are the Democrats and the left going to stop making arguments that force people to contradict what is plain for anyone see with their own eyes? I contend that these errors in judgement by the left will continue to occur until they are able to overcome their anger and pain that currently disables them.  I encourage those on the left to turn their anger energy into passion for something truly good that will benefit the majority of their constituents instead of only those people who are also on the same wavelength of victim-hood, sorrow, pain, anger and self loathing. Please wake up and rise above this.  Your American’s, you’re better than this.

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BREAKING NEWS, Latest Shocking Study on the Negative Effects of Social Media

by Eric Majors 1-30-2019

I could take a lot of time and write extensively about my latest study wherein I observed the negative effects of my own engagement with Social Media in relation to my overall well being, lifestyle balance, mental, physical and spiritual health, income and overall happiness.

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Latest Personal Study Conducted by Eric Majors, ASMEM 2019/01

Bloomberg Advocates for Human Traffickers & Less Enforcement

This article published by Bloomberg entitled “In Trump’s America, Bosses Are Accused of Weaponizing the ICE Crackdown,” appears to advocate for less enforcement against human traffickers and the existing slave trade in the USA. Today untold millions of illegal immigrants are used as slave labor and abused by their U.S. masters who hire them.  An article of questionable intent published by Bloomberg clearly crosses the line by vilifying law enforcement for attempting to put an end the hiring of illegal immigrants which is the modern day practice of slavery and human trafficking that results in tremendous human suffering and death.

This article is so ill contrived the authors and publisher should be embarrassed and I actually feel stupid for actually having read this particular article. Perhaps, what really bothers me about this article is just how stupid the authors actually think U.S. Citizens/readers really are. Many U.S. Citizens want to crack down on employers who acquire and abuse slaves and participate in human trafficking by hiring illegal aliens. But this article by Bloomberg written by Kartikay Mehrotra, Peter Waldman and Jonathan Levin attempts to make the reader believe that enforcement actions against illegal aliens working as slaves and employers who treat them like slaves is a bad thing and that law enforcement efforts should be stopped to allow for the continuation of human trafficking but with less abusive behavior by their slave owner employers.

The article argues in favor of easing enforcement of human trafficking and actually blames President Trump and because ICE for cracking down on abusive slave owner employers. This is a very sick premise and the authors should be ashamed of themselves for arguing against enforcement that saves peoples lives.

Is it possible that the authors and editors are abusing drugs themselves which would explain these irrational articles wherein they openly advocate for human trafficking and slavery and against enforcement actions designed to punish slave owner employers? If the authors people think that people are literally stupid enough to buy into their arguments they should seriously consider getting mental health counseling before their brains completely deteriorate. This article raises the serious question as to whether or not the authors are requesting less enforcement because they are benefiting from human trafficking or partaking in it by buy buying illegal drugs or prostitutes or slaves for themselves from human traffickers. It is unclear why would any rational, law abiding citizen would act as a stooge for human traffickers in favor of slavery and advocate on their behalf for less enforcement and encourage criminal behavior unless they themselves were benefiting from the practices.

For anyone who follows political news and propaganda it’s obvious who pays people to write articles like this, but apparently the strain to find arguments in favor of illegal immigration are becoming so difficult that authors find themselves making arguments that actually advocate for slavery and reward criminal thinking.

As an activist who is against human trafficking and slavery, I believe that this article by Bloomberg, it’s authors and Bloomberg must be condemned. I believe that Bloomberg is establishing a pattern of actively advocating on behalf of human traffickers and the modern slave trade by requesting less enforcement and punishment for slave owners and less deportation of slaves. I believe that the problem has become so out of control that it’s time for everyone who advocates against human trafficking and slavery lodge complaints and inquire as to just whose side Bloomberg is really on.  We need log complaints and make inquiries to find out if Bloomberg or their writers are being hired and manipulated in some way by lobbyists for human traffickers. People interested in lodging complaints or inquiries can do so using this link to Bloomberg and by lodging complaints against Bloomberg with activists groups that may be better positioned to find out why Bloomberg advocates for less enforcement against moderns slavery. Activist groups that you can ask for help in exposing Bloomberg and putting and end to their support for slavery include organizations such as Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Media Equalizer and Stop the Scalpings.

Why NOT Building the Wall is Immoral

(This article is a work in progress and is unedited if this message appears)

Billions are spent each year in the private sector to prevent injury to people. It’s the U.S. governments job to protect the lives of U.S. citizens and U.S. residents as best it can while other governments advocate for their own citizens. The U.S. government creates and enforces laws that mandate the expenditure of billions of dollars per year in the private sector to help prevent drugs, foods, physicians, chemical companies and automobiles from harming us.  For example, when an auto maker in the United States finds a defect in a vehicle laws cause manufacturers to spend billions of dollars to recall the vehicles to fix them even if no-one is hurt or even if only a small number of people have lost their lives. In 2016 U.S. automakers spent over $22 billion to recall vehicles to repair them in order to prevent injury to U.S. Citizens even in cases where little or no injuries or loss of life have already occurred.  Increasingly, there is an alarming disregard for the safety of U.S. Citizens that is being exhibited by elected officials in the Democratic Party who openly promote the interests of small groups of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes including killing, raping, drugging, human trafficking and hurting U.S. Citizens as well as many other people from other countries.

If we consider only the state of Texas hundreds of thousands of violent crimes can be prevented by increasing border security. In the United States, in the State of Texas alone over the past seven years over 193,000 criminals have been caught and jailed that were associated with individuals identified by their Homeland Security status as being in the U.S. illegally at the time of their latest arrest. Many of the illegal aliens who are arrested, tried, convicted, jailed and deported somehow never leave the U.S. or they make their way back into the U.S. through additional illegal border crossings through the highly porous southern border. The 193,000 criminals does not include illegal alien criminals who have never been caught for their offense, nor do these figures include crimes committed by illegal aliens in the other 49 states. Over the past seven years the crimes committed include 566 homicide convictions; 29,164 assault convictions; 9,060 burglary convictions; 38,287 drug convictions; 274 kidnapping convictions; 20,082 theft convictions; 24,451 obstructing police convictions; 2,202 robbery convictions; 3,244 sexual assault convictions; and 4,036 weapon convictions. Again, these figures do not include the millions of crimes committed by illegal aliens throughout the entire United States.

$5.7 billion dollars is being requested to increase border security including adding 215 miles more to the existing 580 miles of physical barrier on the Southern border in order to stop preventable crimes and unnecessary deaths and poor detainment conditions. The people making these requests include the President of the United States, law makers, law enforcement representatives, the border protection officers, the governor and Lt. Governor of Texas as well as thousands of victims and their family members who have been the victims of violent crimes committed against them by illegal aliens. The obvious key point to understand is that crimes committed by illegal aliens are crimes that are being committed by people who should not be  in the United States in the first place. Crimes committed by people who are not allowed to be in the United States in the first place are preventable through increased border security including physical barriers.

The enormous amount of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants living in the U.S. and the problems associated with illegal immigration have reached crisis levels intolerable to many U.S. Citizens who are requesting acting be taken. Many U.S. Citizens who have seen their jobs and wages being given away to illegal immigrants and the preventable crimes that illegal immigration bring with it are now unwilling to tolerate the illegal immigrants already living in the U.S..  Many U.S. Citizens are asking that those living in the U.S. illegally be removed and that existing borders be reinforced.  For year the U.S. government has neglect and failed to fully enforce U.S. border laws and failed to punish businesses that hire illegal immigrants for lower wages which have resulted in serious economic problems including lower wages, jobs lost for U.S. Citizens, increased vulnerability to terrorism and higher crime all of which has become obviously recognizable of too many U.S. Citizens. Today the number of illegal immigrants who have breached the border illegally to live and work in the United States illegally has reached crisis levels with some estimates placing the number of illegal immigrants living and working illegally in the United States as high as between 12 and 22 million. In addition to the small number of illegal immigrants responsible for hundreds of thousands of violent crimes against U.S. Citizens, less violent illegal immigrants still take jobs from American workers, steal identities, lower wages, and illegitimately gain access to government funded programs and education to which they are not entitled placing a strain on government resources and tax payers.

There are a myriad of arguments offered by Democrats and their supporters in favor of keeping illegal aliens in the U.S. and allowing more to come and virtually every argument involves the presentation of half truths, studies or statistics that attempt to change the subject and fail to address the grievances of U.S. Citizens who have been negatively effected by illegal immigrants.  Those who seek to protect illegal immigrants in spite of the damage being done encourage the breaking of laws and encourage criminal behavior on behalf of the population of illegal immigrants and sight studies that have been engineered to promote and encourage illegal immigration and to convince unsuspecting U.S. Citizens that it is their moral duty to accept the people who are already illegally in the U.S. and those who want to enter illegally as legitimate citizens complete with the rights to vote.  The Democratic Party uses it’s influence with the media and publicly funded broadcast programming to create run anti-wall propaganda campaigns that falsely argue that portions of the wall will be built in areas, such as on Native American Reservations where the residence have legal standing to reject the wall. Every campaign that argues against the building of a wall without mentioning that there is no requirement in any of the proposed spending bills for the wall that requires U.S. authorities to place a wall in any specific or in areas where it does not make sense such as, rivers, mountains and in Native American Reservations where the wall cannot be built without permission obtaining permission. In these areas high technology solutions that meet the needs of the local residents and law enforcement can be installed instead of building new walls.  Even the Native American’s acknowledge that they are the victims of crimes by illegal aliens and they agree that something must be done in the way of increasing security and everyone agrees that because of their special needs technology solutions other than a wall can be used.  One of the primary strategic reasons for more walls that is based on experience is to help channel and concentrate the majority of the flow of illegal border crossings into areas that are easier, safer and less costly to police.

Inexplicably, Democratic judges promote violence by illegal aliens by being more lenient on violent illegal alien criminals who are caught committing crimes than they are on U.S. Citizens.  Illegal aliens that are repeatedly convicted of horrific crimes are sentenced then released to re-offend in the U.S. with little or no prison time and without notice given to federal immigration services whose job it is to deport illegal aliens and in particular illegal aliens who have been convicted of a crime. Even in cases where illegal alien criminals are deported they often return through the porous border to re-offend many times receiving extraordinary leniency by judges who support the policy of Democrats. The Democrats say that current level of border security does not warrant an additional $5.7 billion increase in spending and that the current rates of crime, murder, rape and death on the border and in the U.S. caused by illegal immigrants is acceptable, but that is not what people, including Native American’s who live on the border say.

Rather than focusing on removing illegal aliens, under Democratic governance some cities including the entire state of California formally offer Sanctuary and protection from deportation for illegal alien criminals who are charged with violent crimes and crimes that resulted in death. Much to the dismay and detriment of many U.S. Citizens entire cities and states under Democratic control have opened their doors to illegal aliens and their criminal counterparts, including violent gang members, drug dealers and homeless.  In so called, “Sanctuary cities” local rules and laws have been passed by Democratic leadership that prevent local law enforcement officials to ignore the citizenship status of illegal immigrants and that prevent local law enforcement and police from working with their Federal law enforcement counterparts who are responsible for deporting illegal immigrants and in particular illegal immigrants who have broken other U.S. laws and who may represent a threat to the safety of U.S. Citizens.  This special protection being provided by Sanctuary cities is extended to illegal immigrants even when they are associated with criminal gangs and even when they commit terrible crimes of violence, including murder, rape, vehicular homicide, etc.. The Democrats justify Sanctuary cities by stating that it makes their cities safer because the large illegal immigrant population would refuse to call local law enforcement to prevent crimes if they felt that they were in danger of deportation.  This net result has been that Sanctuary cities have become a haven for criminal illegal aliens who do not fear deportation or lengthy prison sentences in these cities even when they are convicted, deported and illegally enter the country again to re-offend. The entire idea of Sanctuary cities that protect people who break the law is obviously an insane idea and the results speak for themselves every day with the deterioration of the cities, some of which are overrun with unskilled illegal immigrants and the criminal element of that population.  Some Sanctuary cities are so overwhelmed and riddled with crime that the homeless and poor with nowhere to go are defecating in the public streets.  In spite of these conditions some Sanctuary cities are going even further to attract illegal immigrants and their violent criminal counter parts by offering free tax payer funded medical care.

Is it Tump’s Wall or increased border security including a Wall that U.S. Citizens elected President Trump to secure? Those who favor the chaos and disruption created by illegal immigration and want to keep border security at its current ineffective level refer to the additional 215 miles of physical barrier being proposed as, “Trump’s Wall” because of the President, Donald Trump who campaigned and was elected to halt the flow of illegal immigrants. In fact, it’s not Trump’s wall it’s an additional form of protection that includes a barrier being requested by government agencies, law and border enforcement agents, leaders and victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens that could have been prevented if there were increased border security. The entire argument and government shutdown is in regards to adding 215 miles of physical barriers to the already existing 580 miles of border wall.  As a result of crimes being committed by illegal aliens victims and their family members are asking that everything that can be done to secure the border should be done. These victims and their families support building and enhanced physical barrier at the border. The Governor and Lt. Governor of Texas are fighting to have the wall built because they believe it will substantially lower crime. The majority of border Agents who risk their lives every day to defend the border openly advocate for the wall and believe it will help to make their jobs easier and further deter people from attempting to cross the border in remote areas in the first place.  U.S. Citizens elected the President on the basis he would build a wall as part of increasing border security but the Democratic Party does not honor the election of the sitting President or have any respect for the U.S. Citizens who elected him.

Many of the arguments in favor of supporting illegal immigrants are the same arguments used to justify slavery during the Civil War.  Up until the Democratic Party declared themselves to be the champions of equality and civil rights in the 60’s they were the champions of slavery, the founders and defenders of the KKK and supported abortion as a means to kill as many baby’s in the wombs of black people as they could. However, in spite of the window dressing it seems that even though the Democratic Party publicly portrays itself as the champion of civil rights and the defenders any person or group that identifies themselves as a victim or as oppressed the very same broken thinking that originally led the Democrats to support slavery and the KKK for so long still exists within the Democratic Party.  For example the Democratic Party still supports abortion and the killing of as many black babies in the womb as can possibly be performed even funding it with taxpayer money.  The Democratic Party now argues relentlessly to encourage illegal immigrants to enter and stay in the USA in order serve as an underpaid slave class to help support big business and lower the costs of the industry of agriculture and aligning themselves with the slave owners of the past.  Just as the slave owners that launched the Civil War their Democratic counterparts of today parrot the very same arguments in favor of illegal aliens, including, “Who will harvest our crops, and who will cook our meals, clean our houses and mow our lawns if we lose our illegal aliens?”  According the the Democrats, “U.S. Citizens will not do this hard work for the slave wages that we are willing to pay, thus the work will remain undone. Only Mexicans and Africans do the work.” As such this argument has resulted in a self fulfilling prophecy as increasing numbers of illegal immigrants have steadily out bid U.S. workers for so long that they have lowered the expected wages to the point where no U.S. Citizen could afford to work any job for such low wages whether they were willing to do the work or not. Now days these low wage jobs are left to the new generation of U.S. slaves the illegal immigrants promoted, conscripted and supported by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party grotesquely and continually advertises propaganda campaigns that falsely portray law breaking illegal immigrants as heroes even though they enter the country illegally in order to take jobs from U.S. Citizens and live work and lie in the shadows.

National treasures such as the Statue of Liberty have been shamelessly hijacked by the Democratic Party that attempts to alter the meaning of the messages as traditionally understood into messages that encourage people to accept the laws that are broken and the problems that are created by illegal immigrants. The U.S. allows and encourages millions of people to legally immigrate to America. For these legal immigrants that are welcomed to the USA and who have worked hard to enter the U.S. the Statue of Liberty has an important personal message. The Democratic Party repeatedly attempts to assert that the message written on the Statue of Liberty is actually intended as a to encourage people to break the laws of the United States, disregard U.S. Citizens and law enforcement and adopt a criminal lifestyle of living in the shadows, obeying laws only when it is convenient to do so.  The Democratic Party irresponsibly conflates the message written by the French on the Statue of Liberty with a U.S. value that or an article in the U.S. Constitution that legally obligates U.S. Citizens to attempt to end poverty in the world by allowing everyone who is poor to enter the USA and to provide the poor with jobs that would otherwise go to a U.S. Citizen.  This simplistic world view is obviously unsustainable and destructive but it has been successfully marketed by the Democratic Party to many unsuspecting U.S. Citizens by targeting propaganda campaigns that prey on the kind hardheartedness that most U.S. Citizens do posses. The Democrats advertise, promote and advocate in every way on behalf of illegal immigrants while intentionally ignoring and disregarding the plight and growing numbers U.S. Citizens who are also becoming homeless and poor in part because they can not obtain jobs because there are millions of illegal immigrants that will do the work for less money (below poverty levels).

Instead of doing everything possible to help prevent more violent crimes against U.S. Citizens and legal U.S. Residents, the Democratic Party is asking their followers to join them in calling the victims of crimes by illegal aliens racists, stupid and bigots for requesting a wall.  Sadly the Democratic Party is fighting their fellow citizens, lawmakers and law enforcement officials by refusing to fund a request for $5.7 billion for increased border security that includes a physical barrier. $5.7 billion is a fraction of what automakers are forced to pay every year to prevent accidents by performing recalls.  $5.7 billion is less than 0.00126 of the U.S. national budget and by comparison the U.S. has already spent $15.3 billion in Syria in less than 2 years helping to secure the lives of people there from chemical attacks and other threats. A careful analysis of the U.S. budget finds a variety of questionable expenditures that could also be diverted towards border enforcement, such as contributions of tax money towards the endowment of ivy league schools that already receive a large majority of their funding from private sources and that are not public schools.    In 2015 it was discovered that under the control of Democratic appointed leadership the IRS secretly and illegally paid well over $15 billion dollars in earned income tax credits to illegal aliens.  The specific tax credits consist of money that is given out to U.S. Citizens whether they worked for the money or not as part of a welfare program paid for by U.S. Citizens.  To help ease the burden of paying illegal aliens tax credits the Democratic leadership of the IRS assisted and encouraged illegal immigrants to steal the identity documents and Social Security numbers from U.S. Citizens and use them to pay whatever taxes that they could pay.   One of the obviously false arguments of the Democratic Party is that somehow illegal immigrants who are willing to work for less wages than U.S. Citizens somehow helps our economy causes more tax revenue to be collected. The problem with this argument is that the presence of illegal aliens willing to work for less money obviously deprives jobs from U.S. Residents who are willing to work the same jobs for a fair wage.  Elected Democratic officials in both California and New York are now offering to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants through taxes being paid by U.S. Citizens.  In order to promote their agenda Democrats openly ask their followers to join a resistance movement against their fellow citizens who are against using tax payers funds to assist and encourage people who break the law. The ideas promoted and supported by the Democratic Party is to “resist” by any means including disturbing the peace, making false accusations, engaging in negative publicity and smear campaigns and even by using acts of violence to fight against their fellow Citizens who do not agree with the “ideals” of America as dictated by the Democratic leadership.  The propaganda campaigns of the Democratic Party and their followers includes repeating messages to attempt to discourage strengthening border enforcement on the basis that our current levels of “militarization” of the border are representative of our best efforts and are still not effective and don’t prevent illegal border crossing.  The illogical argument of the Democrats in their messaging campaign is that applying more resources will not solve the problem. In reality the obvious fact that current resources of border enforcement are not adequate is the very reason why border agents are requesting more resources, including more walls all of which require funding.

To support their argument the Democratic majority leaders of Congress say that building a wall to protect citizens from violent crimes is immoral They say that building a wall looks bad and looking good is more important than saving lives.  Furthermore without offering any evidence or explanation the Democratic leaders routinely promote arguments that defy logic stating that physical barriers “don’t work.” The Democratic Party has not stated what their proposed alternatives or solutions for border security would be or what their methods would cost but they are successful in getting their followers to parrot completely illogical arguments as though they are facts, particularly in the mainstream media that is controlled through ownership by Democrats.  The Democrats have refused to meet with the President to engage in negotiations as long as the President continues to fight for U.S. Citizens who want the physical barrier on the Southern border and as a result the U.S. Government remains unfunded and shut down running with only essential staff and thousands of their fellow citizens who work for the government going without pay. The Democratic Party promotes their position to their followers using their substantial ownership of mainstream media encouraging Democrats to ignore their fellow citizens who are victims and family members of serious preventable crimes and to ridicule and intimidate victims creating false and offensive arguments.  Even though the weakest estimates of U.S. Citizens who support the wall are about 30% of the population the Democratic party encourages their followers to ignore their fellow citizens citing that they do not represent a significant enough number of people to merit attention and the losses of lives due to violent crimes committed by illegal aliens against U.S. Citizens and legal immigrants are negligible and acceptable losses that citizens should be willing to accept even though they are preventable.

Democrats say there is no crisis, but they will not meet with victims or family members of victims of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. Nobody knows exactly why the Democrats do not care enough about their fellow citizens to spend the poultry amount being requested to help secure the country and end the government shutdown.  Democrats defend criminal illegal aliens by pointing out that more crimes are committed by legal citizens than by aliens which has nothing to do with the obvious fact that thousands of crimes could be prevented by increased border security. Many people believe a border wall would be worth it even if the wall only prevents 10 people from being hurt. The Democrats claim that the current status quo is the way things have always been and so these victims and their losses do not represent a crisis and neither does the thousands of deaths, rapes, murders, crime and chaos on the border itself that results by failing to deter people from trying to cross the border illegally in the first place.  The Democrat’s don’t consider the estimated 12 million and 22 million illegal immigrants living and working in the USA taking jobs from U.S. Citizens to be a crisis and it does not appear that any number no matter how large will constitute a crisis to the Democratic Party. To the Democratic Party of today the countless numbers of U.S. citizens and their families that have had their lives destroyed by preventable crimes are acceptable losses in the Democrats in their war on the existing citizens of the USA who they consider to be the bourgeois.

There is evidence that Democratic Party is carrying out a destructive plan to bring into the United States as many illegal aliens as they can and convert them into legal voting citizens through amnesty all the while bribing these new citizens with big government hand outs, benefits and welfare packages paid for by the existing citizens.  There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the goal of the Democratic Party is to assist as many illegal aliens as possible to enter and stay in the country and bribe them with government taxpayer benefits in order to convert them into Democratic voters so their party can survive in the future. The evidence of this unholy goal is substantial as detailed in the book entitled, Sellout by David P. Schippers, former Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. I believe that this explains why the Democrats continually find themselves straining to support illegal aliens in every way possible including by making embarrassingly and obviously ignorant arguments on their behalf even when their policies are clearly in opposition to the health and welfare of the U.S. citizens.  border agents and prisons that hold illegal immigrants who attempt to cross the border are overwhelmed with arrests of over 50,000 people per month during many months with untold numbers of people who are able to evade border patrol that are estimated to be between 10,000 and 50,000 per month.  In order to further demoralize and disrupt the rule of law Democrats encourage their followers to engage in hate campaigns against border patrol agents. Democrats openly and falsely portray border patrol agents who try to protect their own lives as intentionally hurting innocent women and children by hurling tear gas in to violent mobs of criminals who attempt to breach the border by force while forcing women and children to be used as human shields. Democratic followers are encouraged to create media that disparages border Patrol agents to the disgust of law abiding citizens and victims of crimes.

The Democratic Party does everything it can to promote illegal immigration as possible by creating public messaging campaigns and speeches that conflate the subject of legal immigration with illegal immigration in order to confuse and polarize people. Democratic policies continually and immorally encourage people to break the law, enter our country illegally, steal identity documents, take jobs from U.S. citizens for lower wages and gain access to U.S. tax payer funded assistance programs and education.  The Democrats even create and help argue in favor of sanctuary cities where illegal aliens who commit serious crimes of violence including killing, can remain safely within the USA after being released from court.  Even more troubling is this promotions of lawlessness and embracing of foreign people who do not have any knowledge of the U.S. Constitution appear to be what is now becoming an open agenda by the Democratic Party to abandon the U.S. Constitution in favor of a socialist form of government because the U.S. Constitution might be too outdated as party member and Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke openly states as part of his campaign.

The Democratic Party finds themselves on the same side as human traffickers and drug cartels who are also asking for border security to be maintained at current levels or to be made less restrictive. Combined, illegal drug cartels and human traffickers from all over the world spend hundreds of millions in lobbying U.S. politicians including hiring telemarketers to call the offices of elected officials posing as concerned constituents, making substantial donations in support of candidates that will weaken security, advertising online, creating social media content and all other forms of messaging in order to fight any increases in border security and to promote open borders. Interestingly the Democratic Party is the biggest advocate of keeping border security as low as possible which helps to increase deaths, rapes and violence on the border which is a simple easy to understand fact. In a recent case Democrats funded a lawsuit in federal court to successfully fight President Trump’s executive order requiring people seeking asylum to enter the USA to enter through designated and controlled ports of entry for their own safety. As a result of a ruling by a Democratic judge a child died of dehydration shortly after his family and was apprehended by border enforcement agents while trying to cross the border illegally by going through the desert in order to avoid entering through a designated port of entry.  The blood of this young child is on the hands of the Democrats that encourage poor people to break the law and enter the U.S. through dangerous terrain to avoid detection.  The repugnant public response of the Democrats to the death of this child was to deflect their culpability and instead vilify border patrol agents who are overwhelmed and to encourage Democratic followers to disparage law enforcement officers on the border. The Democrats ignore the thousands of life saving rescues performed by the border patrol.  Democrats ignore requests by border agents for more funding to increase their ability to save more lives and save more lives in the harsh environments where people attempt to illegally cross the border.   The Democrats  have been publicly morning the death of this child and lashing out on the border patrol but the Democrats refuse to speak with the family members of U.S. Citizens who have been killed by illegal aliens even when the families come directly to their offices.  These are the kinds of court victories led and fought for by Democrats that encourage people to evade border security agents by attempting to enter the country using the same dangerous routes as drug dealers and human traffickers. The misguided work of the Democrats manifest in polices and court victories that lead to the suffering and death of untold thousands of people on the border and encourage people to attempt dangerous border crossings.  In addition, drug cartels and others to use minors sending them directly into the U.S. illegally only to be released into the U.S. when they are apprehended. Existing U.S. laws require that minors who are apprehended by border agents for attempting illegal entry into the U.S. be released after a certain number of days. Drug cartels and human traffickers exploit these broken U.S. laws by recruiting minors to penetrate the porous U.S. borders illegally in order to the bidding of criminals who live outside the U.S..

When pressed the Democratic Party members can not openly identify any rational reason why they changed their former public utterances in support heightened border security to now lessor and diminished levels of border security that they espouse publicly today. The Democrats routinely lie to get votes and as proven in this case when compared to their words form the past regarding border security and their words today they are conflicted. But make no mistake about it, Democrats are openly fighting for illegal aliens and against the mainstream so as to appeal to their new base which I will identified specifically in one of my next articles as “Everyone Else.”  At some point time starting during the Clinton Presidency, the Democratic Party increased their campaign to convert illegal aliens into legal U.S. Citizens Democratic voters and began to take the program from outside of the hidden shadows and promote it in broad daylight.  This new brazen open door policy advocated by the Democrats is the reason why in 2007 they publicly advocated for strengthen border security but after realizing that they could no longer keep their ruse from being discovered because they were secretly scuttling border security they now openly contradict their former language. Instead today the Democratic Party openly embraces and promotes the illegal immigrant as a cornerstone of American values and they hail the so called, poor down trodden illegal alien as “acting more like American’s” than citizens in America according to Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Of course this would only be true for people who are completely ignorant of the Constitution and the framework of U.S. governance which has lead to the U.S. being arguably the most powerful and fruitful nation in the world by many standards.  However, the illegal alien is nurtured and defended by Democrats because they are the new voter for Democrats.  In spite of the most obvious arguments to defend the integrity of our voting process the Democrats fight vigorously against any serious voter ID laws sighting the ridiculous and easily solvable problems associated with issuing a national voter ID.  At every turn we find the Democrats doing everything possible to open the door and encourage illegal aliens to vote illegally diminishing and disrupting the cornerstone rights of the U.S. Citizen and the Constitution in order to manipulate the outcome of elections in their favor.

The blatant disdain and lack of caring of Democrats for their own citizens who are begging for protection from those who enter our country illegally and for fellow citizens who literally elected a President to build a wall to protect them from preventable crime is immoral and repugnant. The Democratic parties lack of sensitivity for victims and their name calling demonstrates an obvious hatred and contempt for their fellow citizens and the many constituents in their own communities who also want to protect their fellow citizens even if it includes spending some money on a wall that might not be as effective as hoped.

So what do automobile recalls and illegal immigration have in common? The Democrats and their broken way of thinking and actions of late exhibit a lack of caring for the safety of U.S. Citizens  and a lack of caring about the value of lives. Imagine if we were to apply these same immoral ideals and behaviors to the private sector, such as the automotive industry. According to the Democrats “ideals” and “values” there would no longer be any reason to require auto makers to spend billions of their own money to “potentially” protect a few people through recalls to repair faulty vehicles. The new Democratic Party is disrespectful to their constituents, to the victims, to the government workers by using them as pawns, and derelict in their duties as government officials to protect those citizens who are begging for protection even if it saves only a few lives. The Democrats claim it was an atrocity for children to be separated from their parents when parents and children were caught crossing the border illegally, at the same time they have no problem with family members of U.S. Citizens being permanently separated as a result of death from violent crimes that could be prevented through border enforcement.  Considering the astronomical ways that the government abusively wastes and spends the tax payers money the idea touted by the Democrats that $5.7 billion dollars is too much money to spend to protect the lives of both U.S. Citizens as well as foreigners is grotesque. The willingness of the Democrats to unnecessarily gamble with more lives of citizens and their families and to the foreigners that they encourage to abuse our borders unnecessarily increases mortal suffering and death and is irresponsible and immoral.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I share this Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by and in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his Christ like love that lead to real change through peaceful demonstrations with dignity and purpose rather than calls for dead cops and disregard fellow citizens and the republic within which we all find ourselves together and for which many have fought and died in the pursuit of equality and justice for all.

There is a big difference between constructive tension that reveals the strength of character and dignity of people who are oppressed as apposed to destructive tension that makes use of racial slurs and expressions of anger and hate and teaches young children to have contempt for people of another race. You can’t fight hate with hate, as Dr. King himself said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There appears to be a big difference between the civil rights movement of the past and the present day protesters whose messages are often unclear and un-unified but ultimately seem to always reduce to differences in economic standing. Even that one unifying message from protesters that seek special consideration and economic equality for one race seems to ignore the same economic circumstances suffered not just by the protesters and their race, but by the majority of people from all races, geographic locations, ethnicity and backgrounds.

Like every person including many hero’s, Martin Luther King Jr. had flaws and was known to have had affairs with women outside of his marriage. If he were being judged by the hypocrisy of today it is unclear if his message would have even been able to be heard over the tabloid news fixation about his character flaws. We appear to have become the great accusers happy to punish anyone as much as possible more concerned with form than with substance. Non-the-less, thankfully, Dr. King lived in different times when people appeared to recognize and accept the fact that no-one other than Christ is perfect.

It seemed in that in the past, people were willing to forgive each other more liberally than today. Perhaps forgiveness was more thoroughly integrated into the lifestyles of people in our society because religion was integrated into families and the schools. Judeo-Christian faith encourages people to do their best to live to a higher standard based on centuries old teachings and wisdom from the Bible. The faith also teaches people to exercise forgiveness liberally in light of the fact that we are all imperfect and often fail and act selfishly in spite of our best efforts to to live to any standard higher than our own limited thinking and feeling. Perhaps forgiveness is exactly what is needed today.

In a time when there is a national debate about whether current activists are intentionally and unnecessarily encouraging protests that involve hate speech and contempt for others rather than peaceful demonstration against unjust laws, what are your thoughts? During a time when there is a debate about whether protesters are asking for special favoritism rather than true equality through law, what do you think? In a time when there are questions about the integrity of facts, statistics and studies used “to determine whether injustices are alive” are in dispute, what do you think? At a time when there is a debate of the clarity of the issues and the reasonableness of demands being made by protesters, what do you think? At a time when the methods of protest appear to many to be misguided and misunderstood, what do you think? At a time when the fundamental issue that seems to divide the majority of people are those who think that the best solution to every problem is to seek to control the thoughts and reactions of others rather than focusing on controlling our own thoughts and actions and exercising self-responsibility, what do you think?

My own thoughts are clear. There can be no lasting solution to any of the particular problems that face us unless they are founded upon the tenants of Christ, in particular loving God and your neighbor, and most importantly forgiveness. Christ on the Cross forgave people who did not even ask to be forgiven. I believe that forgiveness is what is needed today more than anything.

Am I against protests, action and tension? Not for the right causes and performed with dignity in the right spirit, with love for your enemy and not with contempt and hatred. Contempt and hatred are the beginnings of armed conflict, not peaceful protests. As with many things today, I believe that many of the protesters lack clear goals and the protests themselves are done without negociation from the spirit of anger, hate and manipulation rather than from the spirit of love.

Romans 12.19-21 : Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” On the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. “

The protesters of the past had clearly defined goals and unfair laws and rules to change. They were being physically oppressed, hurt and ridiculed and they did not respond out of anger or hate. They were apposing evil that was easy to see and they did so not by hurling racial slurs and condemnation at their oppressors, but rather exhibiting real superiority and dignity by exercising patience under extraordinary situations. Protesters of the past invited the support of all people, even old veterans. Protesters of the past didn’t seek to agitate the wrong people who would otherwise be on their side. Protesters of the past took careful consideration for their methods of protest so that there could be no mistaking their intentions, integrity and sincerity. I believe the components that made such effective protests by Dr. King in the past are not present in today’s protests and “movements”.

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