Why Should We Care?

Recently, in response to the text of my article, “The U.S. Flag is Permanently Appropriated by the Republic in All Formats” a friend of mine on Facebook who holds some apposing view points to mine asked me why I was all worked up. My friend asked me why I should even care about some specific issues that she named. When my response became lengthy I decided I was worth putting it in this article.

I understand that some hate President Trump and recoil at his negative talk. Sometimes I don’t like the way President Trump speaks myself so I understand. In fact, I get angry because I don’t think that President Trump goes far enough to educate people when he speaks especially considering the forces that act publicly against President Trump and more importantly that act against the United States at the same time. I’ll speak a lot more about why I support President Trump in another article. For this article, I just want to give some honest answers to a dear friend of mine who asked.

I don’t have time to address every question that some on Face Book ask me, but here are some answers to some of the questions that are raised in regards to why do I (Eric) care or “Why should any of us care?” Please keep in mind my answers do not necessarily address the totality of good reason.

Q. “If someone wants to be a chick what the hell do you care for? If someone doesn’t agree with your sexual orientation, or anything that is none of your business.”

A. It is my business, and yours because today there are people who are passing laws and using force of law in order to allow boys and men to join women’s sports and dominate the sports because of their masculine biology. These laws and rules are created and based on a lie and yet they are being propagated in public schools by bathroom use based on preferred gender and enforced by law and misguided judges even while the medical community still debates the consequences. The lie is that we have the technology to turn a man into a woman and vise versa. The truth is that we do not. Simply taking some hormones and sewing up some flesh does not turn a man into a woman, nor is it the governments job to force us to pretend that it does. As a direct result of these insane rules, court rulings and these broken ways of thinking we have women being disenfranchised and discriminated against in ways that would previously have been unimaginable. (https://tinyurl.com/yxawenke)

Furthermore, I care because the mainstream media is increasingly taking joy in persecuting people who do not subscribe to the homosexual lifestyle as well as any other lifestyles and opinions that mainstream commentators hypocritically endorse. In other words, it’s not enough anymore for me or anyone else to be tolerant, instead we are supposed to now endorse lifestyles to which we do not subscribe (http://tiny.cc/6wgd9y). I’m not against gay people or anyone else that is not against me. Live and let live as far as I’m concerned, the problem arises when I’m not being allowed to speak my own thoughts and live my own life because of active haters who claim that others hate but in reality are burning with uncontrollable violence themselves.

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:

Should I also be forced to use my tax money to pay for gender re-assignment of people who want the surgery in the military and in prisons when I don’t even support gender re-assignment for anyone? I believe that people should learn to love themselves as they are and that gender re-assignment practices of today are barbaric and many scientists agree that the practices do not necessarily lead to healthy outcomes (http://tiny.cc/t4fd9y).

Do you want to live in a country where the government can force you to falsely claim that men are women, when in fact they still have the male chromosomes? Do you want to live in a country where men can enter girls locker rooms because they “feel” like they are women now? Do you want to live in a country where the government takes a position on the mental health of young children while it’s still being debated in the medical community? (http://tiny.cc/ledd9y)

Is it the governments job to dictate to us what is still being debated by medical doctors and scientists and has not been fully studied?

Is it OK for me to be straight and make public statements that do not endorse homosexuality?

Q. “If someone doesn’t agree with your religion… move on.”

A. My faith, Christianity precludes me from using “force” to make someone believe in God, so I don’t do that? I’m not aware of any mainstream Christians that do use force as a means to convert someone to Christ.

What I do fight against are dangerous cults like Islam, and the misinformation that was previously being spread by our own government when terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood successfully infiltrated and influenced our government during the Bush Presidency and threatened Bush with war if he did not declare in public that “Islam is Peace.” The misinformation is that the faith of Islam is a religion of peace, but the truth is that the doctrine of the Koran when followed to it’s written conclusion requires followers to engage in physical acts of violence against non-believers as well as women. The religion also promotes lying to achieve this goals, oppression and enslavement of non-believers, wife beating, and numerous acts of terrorism and violence. The religion of Islam is 180 degrees apposed to the Judeo Christian values embodied in the U.S. Constitution and U.S. form of government. Islam has it’s own form of government that seeks to supplant all other forms of government which makes it a direct threat to the U.S. and many other countries. Everywhere Islam sprouts up there is loss of civil rights, death, liberty and destruction ensues. Simply look at any county in the Middle East that is based on Islam. Today this dangerous cult is being promoted in your neighborhood.

Have a look here: https://thereligionofpeace.com/ This website is the real news about atrocities inspired by Islam every day. Find me any other religion that is the cause of the kind of sustained suffering and death that Islam encourages. And people wonder why the Crusades took place against Islam in the past. Now perhaps people will recognize that the Crusades of the past were in response to the ISIS of that time.

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:
Do you believe that there should be no intervention and education to help re-
educate and offer people alternatives from the influence of dangerous cults? Are you OK with your government lying to you about Islam and the threat that is poses on our own form of government and citizens? Tell me any country in the world where Islam is the dominant religion where you would rather live than in the USA?

Q. “If some 23 year old woman gets knocked up and chooses not to have that child. It’s NOT YOUR PROBLEM. It’s hers. It’s her decision. Unless you are going to pay for that baby’s birth and adopt it.”

A. Because I was not aborted I care about the lives of all unborn children. If you can prove to me that there is no God, and no Spirit associated with a fertilized embryo then I won’t care about that unborn child. If you can find me the scientist who can tell me when a fertilized human embryo actually becomes a sentient being with it’s own rights to life then I won’t care.

If I don’t care about the life in general or I hate my life then I don’t care about that unborn child.

The only way for me to not care about that unborn child is for me to pretend that I am God, and that I know exactly when that unborn child is sentient. Because I am willing to admit that I am not God and willing to admit that I do not to know the answers to these fundamental questions then I believe that I should err on the side of caution and also to fight for the lives of these children.

My tax money has already gone towards abortions even though I object to the practice, so it affects me and you. Planned Parent Hood one of the biggest providers of abortions in the USA was funded by our federal tax dollars. So it affects you and I financially.

Currently there are debates in states laws to allow for children to be killed after being born. Seems logical enough, but do you honestly believe that this practice will not someday make it’s way into the legalized practice of death for adults as well? The more we devalue life as a practice the less life and quality of life we will have. It’s human nature.

In regards to preventing abortion and caring for mothers who are pregnant and my involvement I have an active roll along with many of my Christian brothers and Sisters in providing alternatives to young women other than abortion, including tangible help with money, food, living space, baby supplies, education, etc.. This year alone we have saved over 19 babies that I know of personally. Here are some of the groups that I work with: www.micahmandaterunforlife.com , www.916safe.org

QUESTIONS that are raised from the Question itself:

Do you want your government to take your tax money if it were against your will to fund abortions? Do you want your government to assume the mantle of Godhood by passing laws that pretend that the government knows answers to questions that nobody knows, like does God exist and when is an unborn child a sentient being?

In order for you to be comfortable with the killing of unborn babies you would have to act as God yourself and know, without any doubt when is an unborn child a sentient being. Have you unknowingly promoted yourself to the status of God without any fear of the repercussions to you if you are wrong in your support of abortion? Are you acting on the advise of some scientist or self proclaimed authority who pretends to definitively know the answer to these questions that nobody knows? In other words are you acting out of convenience on misinformation not caring enough to think more carefully about the impact to your own Spirit or even your own physical person?

Are you OK with the fact that the practice of abortion help promotes irresponsible sexual promiscuity?

Q. “If a man chooses to kneel for the anthem look the other way and you stand. You can’t force anyone to see and feel the way you do. This is what I don’t get.”

A. Does a man who kneels at the anthem want people to ignore him or does he want to send a message or educate people about his opinion? Does a man who kneels at the anthem want to gain support and encourage people to think as he does? Does a man who kneels at the anthem force people to “see it his way?”

I’m not trying to force anyone to see and feel it the way I do, I’m trying to share with others how I experience the event. You are free to see and feel it any way you like, but I’m guessing that some people who read my posts have never recognized things about it that I’m sharing. So I share my opinion in the hope that it might raise questions in the minds of the reader and that they might understand why some people may be justified in their distain for the practice of smearing our home the USA.

No government including the USA is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but right now the images that represent the best things we have going for us are meant to unite us behind causes of life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Disparaging these images creates conflict and resolves nothing.

When it comes to kneeling at the anthem and disrespecting the U.S. Flag, I feel that those are misplaced methods of dealing with anger. Are we angry at Betsy Ross, the Declaration of Independence that declares all men to be created equal? Are we angry at the U.S. Constitution which allows people to burn the flag and kneel at the anthem? Do you think of white supremacist groups and slavery when you see the Betsy Ross flag (because I don’t)?

Would you go into a church and spit on the cross while people are taking communion in order to protest all the sin in the world? Would it make sense to do so?

I fully support and defend the U.S. Form of government and the ideals and values for which it stands as they are laid out specifically in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These are the “values” of a government that enables you and I to openly disagree without shutting us down and throwing us in prison. And so I will defend those values for as long as I’m allowed.

Say what you want to about Colin Kaepernick and I will say this about Colin Kaepernick and nike and all of his supporters and those that he supports. Regardless of his education, intentions, ignorance or intelligence his protest and his supporters have aligned themselves directly against the United States Flag, the Anthem and all that those objects stand for including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the very concept that all men are created equal that ended slavery. Colin Kaepernick should be kissing the flag and bowing down to it and thanking it for ending slavery.

Instead, Colin Kaepernick has openly positioned himself against police and in favor of other communist dictators. Colin Kaepernick and nike have now attempted to smear the image of the U.S. Flag and pretend that they can dictate who has appropriated the symbols all in order for them to achieve the goal of making people think of slavery and white supremacist nut cases when they see an American flag. This is part of the goals of much larger and bigger enemies of the United States. I resent their failed attempt to associate our flag with slavery and white nationalists and now I am pushing back right at them because I will defend something that I believe in while they disparage it.

Whether it is intentional or not Colin Kaepernick and nike have presented themselves as anti-Americans and I care about America.

I wish everyone who reads this article would care about preserving America as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution because if you fail to do so, then you may find yourself in a country that is not America. If the enemies of the USA win the hearts and minds of people who just fail to care and stay on top of current events this can happen.  The enemies of the USA already own a majority of News, Media and Entertainment businesses in the USA as well as certain key politicians and a vast majority of teachers and college campuses in the USA and they are actively working to divide and disrupt the US Citizens and influence and change our form of government. In my next article I will show you some of what the enemies of the United States are doing and how they are succeeding in some cases and why President Trump, like him or hate him, really is our last greatest defense against the enemies from within.

Until my next article I encourage people to view this documentary The Enemies Within. This documentary provides some insight into the level of infiltration that has occurred in the USA and in our government and schools by the enemies of democracy while we fell asleep thinking that the Soviet Union was no longer a threat. The documentary also tells us what we can do to help stop the infiltration of our government by our enemies by seeking to restore FBI background checks on members of our Congress and Senate who wish to be eligible to serve on any committees.


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