Letter of Non-Recomendation for James Comey, By Eric Majors, EricMajors.com

Dear Potential Employers of James Comey,

With FBI Directors like Comey who needs the Russians to destroy our country or manipulate the President? If you were the President of ANYTHING would want Comey on your team? Instead of communicating with you and helping to keep you out of trouble he would secretly question your motives and take secret memos of your meetings when he thinks that you might be asking him to do something wrong then leak as much as possible to the press to try to get you arrested if you fire him. What kind of employee does that to his boss, the President of the USA after telling the President that he would always be honest with him?

Comey and other swamp creatures like him want the President to fail no matter how much it hurts our country, the citizens and all the people that voted for Trump.

Comey is an incompetent employee in particular as a communicator, team member and a lawyer. He would be a liability to any President or boss in authority over him. His failures have damaged both political parties and who knows how many others.

If Comey is representative of the type of people that we have running the government then it’s no wonder everything is upside down.

If you are considering hiring Comey for any job, the consider that it’s the difference between haivng an employee working to help support his boss or working to destroy his boss by creating the perception of impropriety based on vague conversations and unconfirmed presumptions of bad intention if Comey doesn’t like you.

For example, if Comey didn’t like Trump and suspected Trump of bad character he should have resigned rather than plotting against him behind his back then leaking vague possibilities to the press to cause further damage. In my opinion Comey’s actions raise to the level of sedition. Obviously Trump read that Comey was not loyal and fired him.

Loyalty in the cesspool of politics means, “help support me, keep me informed and protect me from myself when necessary and help protect me from negative press that all my enemies seek to create to use to advertise against me.” Comey did just the opposite. Comey stated that he would be honest with the President. By making secret notes and not sharing his concerns about his relationship directly with the President he was not being his own word, he was acting secretly against the President when he assured the President he would be honest.

According to the Constitution of the USA Trump is THE top law enforcement official in the USA and has the authority to halt any investigation without needing any specific reason at any time, in the same way a prosecutor might decide not to prosecute. Not withstanding, Trump gave no specific order of any kind but is now accused of being suspected of giving an order and accused of having suspecious intentions about the possible order that he did not give but somehow had hoped to maybe give in the future? To expect law enforcement officials like Trump not to discuss the merits and their opinions of the cases is impractical because those discussions happen every day and previous U.S. Presidents have publicly and privately stopped many investigations in the past or given pardons.

A person of the caliber of the Director of the FBI is expected to support his boss and inform him when he suspects his boss is not acting properly, not attempt to build a dossier against him or hire someone else to do it for him as Comey attempted to do.  As part of his office Comey had a responsibility to clarify (by speaking) with Trump to openly determine what his real intentions are and then share with Trump (warn his boss) if Comey believed that Trump is overstepping his authority and/or such meetings are inappropriate. Comey had a responsibility to inform Trump that Comey would have to report any such meetings or request to the Department of Justice. But instead, Comey kept a secret payback file and pretended to be scared and intimidated by Trump. Instead of initiating an investigation while Comey was Director of the FBI, he gave Trump Comey waited until after he was fired by Trump to use an unorthodox proceedure of leaking information from his government files to the press in order to attempt to have a special council appointed after he previously decided not to ask for a special council in the first place as he was required by law to do if he felt there was impropriety.

The question is, would you want someone like Comey working for you who would not be completely open and honest with you but rather attempt to build a case against you? No President of any country or business could be successful under those conditions. Trump has so many swamp creatures like Comey surrounding him that we don’t need Russia to bring down the Presidency, we already have the Judas’s from within that will not even allow the President to do the things that at least 50% of the people of this country voted for him to do.


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