Debunked, “Drugs mostly come through the ports of entry.”

Debunked, “Drugs mostly come through the ports of entry.”
By Eric Majors (

If you’re like me you wonder how it happens so consistently that arguments presented by the left in order to defend their positions end up actually being arguments that favor their opponents.  We all remember the ignorant Jim Acosta of CNN who famously stood near a U.S. border wall intending to show that there was no crisis at the border but ended up demonstrating that walls appear to make U.S. towns safer and peaceful.

Perhaps you’ve also herd another tired left wing argument that for some reason has still gone unchallenged until now.  The argument that has remarkably been gaining in usage on the left and their mainstream propaganda media machine proclaims that there is no need to increase border security because,  “Illegal drugs ‘mostly come through the ports of entry’ at the border, one senior administration official testified before Congress last year. In other words, most of the drugs that enter the country come through established border checkpoints, hidden in vehicles and then distributed throughout the country.”

Amazingly this, as yet unchallenged assertion continues to be a talking point that has become one of the centerpiece arguments of the Democrat politicians and in particular Nancy Pelosi and is ignorantly being used by politicians on the left in order to help form their public policy and law making.

There’s a obvious problem with this argument that that appears to have escaped notice by virtually everyone much to my frustration.  So I’m calling it out and saying how sad it is that the Democrats anger with Trump forces them take and defend irrational and counter intuitive positions. Again and again we find that Democrats are so overwhelmed by their own frustration that they are taking every opposing position against the President no matter how obviously they become conflicted with reality.  Once again we find Democrats being forced to attempt to bend logic in their favor by grasping on to counter-intuitive arguments, no matter how insane without realizing how much their own anger for President Trump is influencing their behavior to the detriment of everyone.

Of course Border Patrol finds more contraband at ports of entry.   That’s because:

1. Drugs and human traffickers are being caught wherever there is a higher concentration of border patrol enforcement officers who are properly equipped as is the case at the points of entry.

2. Nobody can possibly know the amount of drugs and human trafficking slaves are coming across the U.S. border in places where there is no adequate border enforcement.  This is exactly why the border patrol is asking for more walls, and resources to plug up the gaps. (click here for more).

3. We do know that on average at least one attempted migrant per day is begin found dead their bodies decayed for weeks in some areas because they are not running into any border agents in those areas, because obviously there is not enough border enforcement resources (click here for more). Nobody really knows how many more migrants who are losing their lives are not found due to lack of Border Patrol resources to increase searching and rescue operations (for more information see).   These deaths are another reason why President Trump created an executive that attempted to encourage would be illegal migrants to at least go to ports of entry so they wouldn’t get lost and die in the deserts.   Instead of working with the President to help reduce migrants dying in the desert Democrats funded court battles that successfully defeated the Presidents executive order which encouraged illegal migrants to take dangerous routes outside of the formal ports of entry.  In this case the Democrats hasty policy of funding attacks on the Presidents border protection polices, no matter what they are, resulted in the death by dehydration of at least one child migrant.  Democrats hastily tried to blame President Trump and Border Patrol for the death of the child. But once again the Democrats hast to wag the finger lead even more people to realize that responsibility for the deaths of these poor people are largely a result of the Democrats lack of cooperation with the President and reluctance to provide more funding for humanitarian aid and search and rescue capabilities to the Border Patrol as requested (for more information see).

4.  Until we plug up the gaps in the Southern U.S. border with more enforcement, including walls more migrants will die and it it’s impossible for anyone to know the quantity of drugs that are coming through those gaps.  Walls are begin requested in so few areas and they are critical to discourage people from trying to enter the U.S. illegally and to force those who try to use routes where they can more easily be found by Border Patrol.  Walls can not be used everywhere sometimes for good reasons and in those cases other technology can be used. While walls are not welcomed by some Native American’s whose reservations actually extend through the Mexico border, even Native American’s who live on the border are willing and trying to work with Border Patrol because even Native Americans do attest that the border is not secure and they and many others suffer as a result (click here for more).

I am now formally calling out this left wing argument as officially debunked by common sense.  I am also recognizing it as yet another argument made by Democrats (and thank you for that) that favors President Trump’s policies.  When are the Democrats and the left going to stop making arguments that force people to contradict what is plain for anyone see with their own eyes? I contend that these errors in judgement by the left will continue to occur until they are able to overcome their anger and pain that currently disables them.  I encourage those on the left to turn their anger energy into passion for something truly good that will benefit the majority of their constituents instead of only those people who are also on the same wavelength of victim-hood, sorrow, pain, anger and self loathing. Please wake up and rise above this.  Your American’s, you’re better than this.

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