Eric Majors

Eric is an expert in international financial market analysis and algorithms, with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado. Eric was a U.S. Registered Investment Adviser and business owner who worked with the CIA. He has served as an officer and director of a number of publicly traded companies and as a principal of an international investment banking firm. He is an expert on global currencies and was the principal inventor of Trade Series Management Theory and the associated TSM financial market software systems.

Mr. Majors is the author of Financial Markets And Technical Analysis (1998, 2005), Dot Money (2014), Dot Money the Global Currency Reserve, Questions and Answers (2015) as well as Dealing with Loss for Believers and Everyone (2015). In 2018 Mr. Majors worked for Ammbr.com to build a private crypto currency exchange accessing liquidity pools for B2B business projects. Eric Majors is currently involved in the development of advanced institutional trading systems that use Artificial Intelligence to analyze the financial markets. Mr. Majors is also in charge of course content and trading for TopTraders.pro. TopTraders.pro provides courses that help ordinary people learn how generate passive income from day to day by using simple but specific financial market trading techniques that generate above average returns while they live their lives.