Note To Car Manufactures about Cell Phones

Automobiles and Cell Phones
By Eric Majors,

Modern Cell Phones and Cars

Why do auto makers have USB charging ports for cell phones in cars without any place to put your phone? If you’re like me you love when things just work. For the past few years I’ve rented cars to take the family on cross country vacations on several occasions. In each case I am continually frustrated when trying to find a place to put my phone which I typically use for navigation and music for the road.

Why can’t we get this right? I can think of no reason to keep us from having a place to put our cell phones in modern vehicles where it can be easily accessed by the driver and passenger. If there is concern over people texting and driving, I can assure you that regardless of how you use your cell phone, without a logical place to put your cell phone your driving experience will always be less safe. Although I do not recommend texting and driving this condemned practice is even more unsafe if you are trying to text and drive with your phone on your thigh or in both hands. What’s equally frustrating is having your GPS on your phone drop off the console or wherever you are forced to place it whilst you drive.

What needs to be in place in order for our cell phones to have a logical an prominent place in modern cars? Let’s start a movement…

by Eric Majors,


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