Bloomberg Advocates for Human Traffickers & Less Enforcement

This article published by Bloomberg entitled “In Trump’s America, Bosses Are Accused of Weaponizing the ICE Crackdown,” appears to advocate for less enforcement against human traffickers and the existing slave trade in the USA. Today untold millions of illegal immigrants are used as slave labor and abused by their U.S. masters who hire them.  An article of questionable intent published by Bloomberg clearly crosses the line by vilifying law enforcement for attempting to put an end the hiring of illegal immigrants which is the modern day practice of slavery and human trafficking that results in tremendous human suffering and death.

This article is so ill contrived the authors and publisher should be embarrassed and I actually feel stupid for actually having read this particular article. Perhaps, what really bothers me about this article is just how stupid the authors actually think U.S. Citizens/readers really are. Many U.S. Citizens want to crack down on employers who acquire and abuse slaves and participate in human trafficking by hiring illegal aliens. But this article by Bloomberg written by Kartikay Mehrotra, Peter Waldman and Jonathan Levin attempts to make the reader believe that enforcement actions against illegal aliens working as slaves and employers who treat them like slaves is a bad thing and that law enforcement efforts should be stopped to allow for the continuation of human trafficking but with less abusive behavior by their slave owner employers.

The article argues in favor of easing enforcement of human trafficking and actually blames President Trump and because ICE for cracking down on abusive slave owner employers. This is a very sick premise and the authors should be ashamed of themselves for arguing against enforcement that saves peoples lives.

Is it possible that the authors and editors are abusing drugs themselves which would explain these irrational articles wherein they openly advocate for human trafficking and slavery and against enforcement actions designed to punish slave owner employers? If the authors people think that people are literally stupid enough to buy into their arguments they should seriously consider getting mental health counseling before their brains completely deteriorate. This article raises the serious question as to whether or not the authors are requesting less enforcement because they are benefiting from human trafficking or partaking in it by buy buying illegal drugs or prostitutes or slaves for themselves from human traffickers. It is unclear why would any rational, law abiding citizen would act as a stooge for human traffickers in favor of slavery and advocate on their behalf for less enforcement and encourage criminal behavior unless they themselves were benefiting from the practices.

For anyone who follows political news and propaganda it’s obvious who pays people to write articles like this, but apparently the strain to find arguments in favor of illegal immigration are becoming so difficult that authors find themselves making arguments that actually advocate for slavery and reward criminal thinking.

As an activist who is against human trafficking and slavery, I believe that this article by Bloomberg, it’s authors and Bloomberg must be condemned. I believe that Bloomberg is establishing a pattern of actively advocating on behalf of human traffickers and the modern slave trade by requesting less enforcement and punishment for slave owners and less deportation of slaves. I believe that the problem has become so out of control that it’s time for everyone who advocates against human trafficking and slavery lodge complaints and inquire as to just whose side Bloomberg is really on.  We need log complaints and make inquiries to find out if Bloomberg or their writers are being hired and manipulated in some way by lobbyists for human traffickers. People interested in lodging complaints or inquiries can do so using this link to Bloomberg and by lodging complaints against Bloomberg with activists groups that may be better positioned to find out why Bloomberg advocates for less enforcement against moderns slavery. Activist groups that you can ask for help in exposing Bloomberg and putting and end to their support for slavery include organizations such as Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Media Equalizer and Stop the Scalpings.


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